Where to dance salsa in Trinidad

One of our must-see stops on all of our trips to Cuba is Trinidad, and it is that like Havana, it is a city where we can breathe that salsa atmosphere that we like so much.

In addition, the nightlife is very lively and there are options for all Tastes, here we leave you a list of 10 places where you can go dancing and others where you can listen to Cuban music live.


  1. Las Escalinatas

Plaza Mayor Casco Histórico.

Next to the Cathedral you will find the stairs that go up to “Casa de la Músi”. Every evening, in the stage half way up the stairs, there is live music, and a small place to dance. Warning, forget your heels, the floor is bumpy! Normally they usually put fences and the entrance costs 1 cuc.


  1. Casa de la Música

Calle Francisco Javier Zerguera s/n

As I told you before, it is situated at the top of the steps of the central square, it opens every day, and they usually open when the music ends live. Although the atmosphere is good, it is no longer a salsa place as in other ones, and they play quite varied music, predominantly reggaetón.


  1. Cuba libre

In front of Casa de la Música, but entering from street behind. It is what remains open when everything else is closed… best option for the hard party ones.


  1. Palenque

Calle Fernando Hernández Echerri s/n

Local in which local dance groups usually perform, good atmosphere, good music and is somewhat cheaper than the others.


  1. Casa de la Troba

Calle Fernando Hernández Echerri.

A good place to listen to live music and really dance. It opens early and is also open during the day. There are both tourists and Cubans and real salsa is danced, the problem is that there are too many tables and little space to dance.


  1. Rincón de la Salsa

Calle Rosario,near Plaza Mayor.

Another of the authentic places to dance real salsa, always enlivened by a group of live music. Locals and foreigners enjoy music and dancing in this bar that is going up to the central square. The place is not very large, as if it were a traditional one, so you have to know how to dance on a tile.


  1. La Cueva

Las Cuevas,  en la cima de la colina

The Ayala nightclub is better known to everyone as the cave, since it is located inside a natural cave. It also usually opens until later than the other places, and is one of the favorite places for tourists, but not for more salseros like us, it is a meeting place for reggaetoneros, and the average age does not usually exceed 35.


  1. Las ruinas de Segarte

Plazuela de Segarte.

This is one more place to listen to live music than to dance, but it is also a good option to go to dinner and enjoy the music and the atmosphere.


  1. Bar Floridita

Calle Almirante Colón.

As in Havana, there is also a floridita bar in Trinidad, where you can listen to Cuban music and have a daiquiri.


  1. La Canchanchara

Calle Real del Jigue, 90.

Open every day, we recommend you to try the canchancharas, typical trinity drink that is made with brandy, honey, sugar and lemon.A place to start the night and get warm with this drink and listen to Cuban or salsa groups.


If you want to leave us comments about other places to go dancing in Trinidad we will be happy to read them!

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