Dance Salsa in Rome

Where to dance salsa in Rome


Salsa is very popular in Italy,  here we tell you some places where you can go to dance salsa in Rome. You can find parties almost every day of the week, and even more on  the weekends.
Keep in mind that Rome is a very big city, and that most of the parties are located outside of the center, which makes transport difficult if you do not have a car, since public transport does not usually reach these places and Taxis are quite expensive. Here we tell you  some of the best places to dance salsa in Rome, and the recommended day.


The best place to go salsa dancing on a Wednesday, they have their Barrioledí party, which is one of the best Roman salsa parties. It only has one room and the music is 100% Cuban, although they alternate with some bachata , and at the end of the night they play some kizomba.
Recommended day: Wednesday


It is undoubtedly one of those sites that you can not miss, it is the largest nightclub in Europe, with 7 dancefloors with independent entrances, but in the salsa parties are usually connected inside. It has capacity for 11,000 people.
In the central hall and the largest one, Cuban music is heard, and some bachata every 3 salsas. Then you’ll find a bachata-only room, a couple of on line rooms, another one from kizomba, and another one from 80-90 disco music, but this one  it’s not always open.
Recommended day: Saturday.


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The best place if you are visiting the city on a Tuesday, although they also have salsa parties on Saturdays. It is a club with only on dance floor, although it is quite large and has an open second floor where you can sit and rest. Their parties are salsa, bachata and reggaetón.
Recommended day: Tuesday


In Fiumicino, quite close to the airport, there is this restaurant and events place, typical of weddings, baptisms and communions, which on Friday nights is transformed into a large dance hall to the rhythm of Cuban music, with some bachata as well.
Recommended day: Friday


Large nightclub with two outdoor dance floors.
In summer, it organizes one of the best salsa parties on Fridays, with a salsa room and a bachata room.
If you go in winter, make sure you look at the advertising first because being relatively close to the center, in the EUR neighborhood, where there is a metro stop, most of the parties are reggaetone, and if you are going to dance salsa, you probably will not find the music that you expected, or people who know how to dance. But sometimes they organize concerts of salsa bands, so it is a good idea to have a look at their Facebook page.
Recommended day: Friday


Club located near Ostia Antica, basically on the other side of the visited ruins with the same name. It used to be a reference for parties in that area of ​​Rome on Friday nights, but now the place is used more for private parties, you have to be vigilant, because from time to time some school organizes a good salsa party here.


Another local salsero in Rome quite well known and with good atmosphere. It only has one room, but it is quite large, they usually organize Cuban salsa parties on Fridays and Saturdays. Occasionally they organize a party on Sunday.
Recommended day: Friday or Saturday


One of the few salsa places in Rome, which are in the center of the city, and you could get there with public transport. They organize Cuban salsa parties, Thursdays and Saturdays. It only has one room, so they usually play three salsas and one bachata.
Recommended day Cuban salsa: Thursday

Recommended day Linea: New sesion Puerto Rico “La Mezcla perfecta”, on second saturday of the month (from September to May)


It is the only place in Rome, which dedicates its second room to exclusively Kizombera parties, so if you like this dance, this is your place.
In the main room, you can dance Cuban salsa and some bachata.
Recommended day: Friday and Saturday


Local salsero with three dance halls. They do many parties of only salsa, or special kizomba. We recommend to watch their program because they often change them. They organize parties from Wednesday to Sunday.
Recommended day: Depends on the week


We hope that this article will be useful if you are in Rome. Or just have a look  and  join us on our next trip to Rome, so you just have to worry about enjoy the city and dance!!!

18 responses to “Where to dance salsa in Rome”

  1. Hello! Thanks for the information!
    I noticed almost all of those are Cuban places. Do you know of any place to dance L.A. or NY style salsa in Rome?

    • Hello Tom,
      In Rome is more common to dance Cuban Salsa, even if in the last years it’s getting more popular, most of the schools still teach cuban salsa, therefore, most of the salsa events are cuban and not linea.
      The best opctios is Palacavicchi, because is always at leats 1 dance floor of linea. Or you can also check on the club pages on facebook for special linea events, but they are less. Hope you have fun!

  2. We’d like to got to a club that offers salsa and kizomba. We’re in Rome 1 and 2 January 2019. Any suggestions?

    • Hello Zodwa, sorry but we were close until today.
      We write these articles informatively so that the dance lovers have some idea of ​​where to go if traveling in these cities. But we only look for special dayly events if we have a TravelToDance trip to these destinations.
      We hope that you found where to go, and that you had a nice evening. Greetings!

    • Hello Aleksandra. Monday is the quietest night in Rome for dancing. However we normally know all the information when we have a dance trip to the destination, and we don’t have any trip to Rome this month. Hope you enjoy your time in this lovely city!

    • Hello Jorge. We write these articles informatively so that the dance lovers have some idea of ​​where to go if traveling in these cities. But we only look for special dayly events if we have a TravelToDance trip to these destinations.
      However try Palacavicchi, it is allways a good option, it has 7 dance floors! They do LA for sure and you may find some NY style dancers, good luck!

    • Hello Clem, we are a travel agency that organized dance trips around the world, this weekend we don’t have any trip to Rome, therefore we didn’t check with our local teachers for special events. However, the closest salsa local dance to the center is Zanussi Disco, the other ones are not in the center. So this will be the best opction. Hope you have a nice time in Rome!

    • Hello Cerazus, we are a travel agency and we don’t have any trip to Rome this weekend, so you can check in the facebook pages of the salsa clubs that you find on this list, and see if you can find more information. Have fun!

        • Hi Chantal. We are a travel agency and we don’t have any trip to Rome at the moment, so you can check in the facebook pages of the salsa clubs that you find on this list to see if they have free clases before the social dance. Have fun!

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