Donde bailar salsa en Londres. Where to dance salsa in London

Where to dance salsa in London

In London there are all kinds of events and parties, and Latin music is not far behind. So you will find numerous options to enjoy a night of salsa in the English capital.

Moving around London can be exhausting, because the distances are very big, the good thing is that public transport works very well and you can even move at night without problems with the night buses, so we give you many options in different parts of the city, so that if you are around you know where the best salsa events are.

Here you have a list of 10 places to dance salsa in London, so you do not miss anything!


1. Salsa! Temper

One of the Latin music venues par excellence, is that they open every day of the week and have a program of Latin parties with dance classes. If you are in London and you want to have some dances, here you will surely find music and fun any day of the week, check their website to see the updated schedule.

  • Address: Temple Place.
  • Metro: Temple.
  • Recommended day: All.

2. Casa Cuba Café-Bar & Restaurant

It is a Cuban restaurant that will make you feel like it is named after you, the mojitos are delicious and the atmosphere is very nice. While you can dance a little and the atmosphere is very Cuban, it is a good place to start the night having dinner or having a couple of drinks, as they close at 11 p.m.

  • Address: 99 Church Road.
  • Metro: Crystal Palace.
  • Recommended day: All.

3. Salsa Fusion

One of the oldest Latin festivals in the capital. Salsa Fusion began its journey back in 1991, teaching salsa with its own style and teaching method. It was a matter of putting together all the steps of the different styles of Cuban, Colombian, Puerto Rican or New York salsa, breaking the movements in individual steps to create this “Salsa Fusion Method”.
At your parties you can enjoy two dance floors:
SALSA ROOM: 100% Salsa for authentic salseros.
FUSION ROOM, known as “Cuban Room”.
The entrance to the social costs 10 £, and at 21:30 they start with classes of different styles, you can check their website to see the programming.

  • Address: 229 Great Portland Street.
  • Metro: Warren Street or Regent’s Park.
  • Recommended day: Saturday.

4. Incognito Dance

If you are in London on a Wednesday, this is the place you have to go to if you want to dance. They open at 7 pm and start with Bachata classes, it has 6 levels, so there is no excuse to learn.
Then you can stay social dancing until 11 at night, put a little of everything, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and Kizomba.
The entrance to the class and the social are 10£, if you only come to the social are 8£.

  • Address: 11 Rutland Grove.
  • Metro: Hammersmith.
  • Recommended day: Wednesday.

5. Salsa! Charing Cross

Salsa discotheque par excellence in London with Salsa! Temper. Very good atmosphere to go dancing and also is in the center, so if you get caught sightseeing is a good place to go for dinner, or to go dancing after dinner at any of the restaurants you’ll find in the neighboring district of Soho.
They open every day, during the week they close at 2 in the morning and on the weekend they extend a little more until 3 o’clock. On your website you will find the schedules of the events of each day, as well as the class schedules and Prices vary depending on what time you enter, and range from 2£ to 10£.

  • Address: 96 Charing Cross Road
  • Metro: Leiceser Square.
  • Recommended day: All.

6. The Two Brewers

This gay place became very popular in the neighborhood of Clapham for being the first to give salsa lessons, since 1997. It is a place with good atmosphere and have a good dance floor. Check their website for days that have classes and social.

  • Address: 114 Clapham High Street.
  • Metro: Clapham Common or Clapham North.
  • Recommended day: Check.

7. Salsateca London

The Salsateca dance school is a school of Latin rhythms. It offers Salsa and Bachata classes for all levels in various places in the city. It also organizes special events and social nights almost every day, you can check it on their website And if you want to take classes, then you’re in luck because they have classes every day.

  • Address: Moorgate and Bromley area
  • Metro: Moorgate or Liverpool Street / Bromley (train).
  • Recommended day: Check.

8. Carmelo Latin Dance Studio

It’s a dance school with Salsa On1 and On2 classes, plus they have the option of doing an intensive salsa in one day, so if you go with your salsa friends to London, this is your chance to learn the basics, and leave to dance with them.
From time to time the school organizes an event for social dancing.

  • Address: 50 Marylands Road
  • Metro: Warwick Avenue
  • Recommended day: Check.

9. TNT Dance

This dance hall organizes the “Cha Cha Social” party. At 7:30 p.m. they start with Cha cha class with two levels and from 20:30 you can dance social until 23.
In the publicity of the event they make very clear 50% Salsa and 50% Cha Cha.

  • Address: Church Hall, 44 Falkland road
  • Metro: Kentish Town
  • Recommended day: First Friday of the month.

10. The Grande @Scala

Latin & Afro Latin Music and dance.
This event is held once a month in London, normally on the third Friday of the month, although it is best to enter their website to make sure that they change the date.

  • Address: 275 Pentonville Rd.
  • Metro: Kings Cross
  • Recommended day: Third Friday of the month.


We hope this list will help you enjoy a great night. If you know more places to dance salsa in London and want to share them with us, you can leave us your comments.


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