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Where to dance salsa in Havana

As promised, here you can read this article of where to dance salsa in Havana.

If you are on vacation in Cuba, you can not miss the opportunity to drink mojitos and dance salsa. It does not matter if you are already a salsero or if you are in this environment for the first time, surely, although you have never danced before, in the capital of Cuba you will die to move your hips.

We want to share with you a list of Havana places to go dancing, where of course you will find tourists, there are many salsa fans, but also local people who will not stop dancing with you. Here we tell you the  salsa sites recommended by TravelToDance, and some that we find more commercial, but which are a good option if you are in Havana.



Probably one of the most authentic places to dance salsa. There is live music and performances by dance groups. They also do animation in the middle of the night. Very similar to the organization of the Spanish salsa parties: Social, shows, animation and more social. Only with live music and shows by local companies. Also, they love making rueda de casino, and it’s easy to get involve.


Hotel florida

In one of the  hotel’s saloon, they organize a salsa party on Mondays. The place is not very big, and if there are many people it is difficult to dance. But it is in the center of Old Havana, so it is a good option to go for a mojito and enjoy the atmosphere.

Pico blanco

Located on the top floor of the Hotel Saint John, this dance hall is worth it because of the views of Havana. They usually have performances by dance groups, buy the entrance at the hotel reception, and they will ask for your ticket before you enter the lift, there is a man who works there, just to press the lift level buttons, it’s something curious. They play more commercial music and some salsa, but do not expect great dancers.

Casa de la música de Miramar

You can not miss this place, it is one of the best places to dance salsa in Havana, and where they do the best concerts. On the top floor there is a concert hall and you have to be aware of the matinees, which are concerts around 5:00 pm, and it is easy to find a concert from Havana de primera.

On the ground floor  is the disco, where you will not stop dancing salsa, very good atmosphere and many people. The parties are independent, if you leave the concert to the disco, you have to pay another entry again.


Bar Asturias

It is on the Parque central street, very central, and therefore, very touristy. If you are a real salsero, this is not your place, but it is an option if you are in Havana near the center, you do not know how to move, or there is no party scheduled that day.

What is worth it, are the hamburgers from the bar that they have at the entrance, they are super tasty are very cheap. You have to try it them if you pass by there.


La gruta

One day a week they organize a salsa party and it gets very full. It is a very good session, usually on Tuesdays, but make sure before going, because can be an  electronic music evernt or any other party.

The day that salsa is played is very lively, and there is not many  tourists, we also recommend this place.


Hotel Capri

Recently there is a salsa party on Thursdays at this hotel. This hotel is in the Vedado area. It is similar to Florida, a mix of locals and tourists with a good atmosphere where you can dance.


El palacio de la rumba

The place is peculiar, it’s like being at a birthday party in the school theater. It is a fairly large venue with a stage, and you are served drinks in plastic cups that you have to keep, because when they are finished they only do refills.

On the day that the rumba party is organized, there are afro and rumba shows of companies and local dance groups. If you have the opportunity, it’s worth seeing. There are very few tourists, and a lot of dancing is done, it’s very authentic!


Café cantante

It is a very large concert hall. Try to find out which concerts are organized when you’re in Havana, because it’s worth going, if you like to see live music. You  won’t be able to dance much, but for a space problem. There are many tables where people gather and share a bottle of rum while enjoying the concert.



Centro cultural Arabe


Cubans use many of their  cultural centers to organize parties of all kinds, and salsa, of course. On Monday there is a salsa session organized on this place by a local dance school, it is a meeting of students, locals and foreigners, it has a very good atmosphere and the drinks are very cheap.


We hope that this article about where to dance salsa in Havana will be useful, and that you will be encouraged to continue traveling and dancing!

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