donde bailar salsa en Cali. Where to dance salsa in Cali

Where to dance salsa in Cali

As we normally do when we have same new info, here we leave this article about where to dance salsa in Cali. For those who follow us on social media, you will know that we are expanding our salsa destinations for the next years, and we take advantage of all the information that we are finding to share it with our followers. We hope that if you ever find yourself in the salsa capital this article will be very useful.

We have selected the best places to dance salsa in Cali, surely we could add more to the list, but we leave you a few so you have at least to start.


1. Topa Tolondra

It is the most emblematic salsa bar in Cali, the oldest known and the only one that opens from Monday to Saturday.

It is in the neighborhood of San Antonio, on a normal day the entrance costs 5,000 COP, and if there is a special party or concert it can cost about 15,000 COP. Although the relatively cheap entrance in Colombia, the drinks are not so cheap here, if you want to drink like a cubalibre or any other combination it costs you 20,000 COP. So the cheapest option is beer.

Tuesdays is the special night of the Bolero, but even so the salsa predominates, they work with the formula of 3 salsas and 1 bolero.

Recommended day: Monday, but you can find people every day.

Address: Calle 5 # 13 – 27


2. Punto Baré

It is a very popular place next to the Topa, it is better to call for a reservation as it is usually filled very quickly. Wednesdays is the popular day since it is a session of Latin jazz.

The rest of the week they play salsa and it’s almost everyday live music. The bad point, is that there’s no place to dance, it’s a place to go and enjoy music from the chair, which we dance lovers like less, because we prefer places where we are able to move our bodies.

Recommended day: Wednesday.

Address: Calle 5 # 13 – 15


3. Zaperoco Bar

Located in the neighborhood of Granada, this dance venue is located to dance, but it only opens from Thursday to Saturday. It is located very close to the Boulevard del Rio, a must-visit area if you are in Cali, where you will find the famous statue of Gato del Río, and the successive statues called the brides of the cat made 10 years after the first one by well-known Colombian artists to promote the recovery and improvement of the riverside of the Cali River.

Recommended day: Thursday, live music.

Address: Av. 5N # 16 – 46


4. Mala Maña

If you find yourself in the center of the city there are two recommendable places to go dancing salsa, this is one of them. It is open from Thursday to Saturday and you can dance salsa. The place has several rooms or small corridors, so you have to make room to dance, and remember that you can dance on a single tile, because it is so full, it is difficult to have space for dancing.

Recommended day: Friday.

Address: Cra. 4 # 9-59


5. Donde  Fabio

Like the previous one, this local salsa bar is located in the town center of Cali, and also opens to move your body to salsa rhythm from Thursday to Sunday.

Recommended day: Thursday (Free entrance)

Address: Calle 20 # 3-14, Cali


6. La Caldera del Diablo

Another place to enjoy good music in Cali. This place offers salsa and guaguancó from Thursday to Saturday, in a family atmosphere, since it is a tiny place and also the entrance is free.

Recommended day: Friday

Address: Cl. 5 # 14-25


7. Tintindeo

In the neighborhood of San Fernando, in the area of ​​the stadium you will find this other place well known by Caleños and tourists, since it is one of the most mentioned in the tourist guides of the city. It opens from Thursday to Saturday with very lively sessions, where they mix salsa classics with a bit of reggae, urban salsa and, of course, salsa choke. So you can dance the night away in a very fun environment.

Recommended day: Saturday.

Address: Calle 5 # 38 – 71


8. Mazao Bar

This place is located in the Parque del Perro, but it is a bar with a lots of tourists, and they do not play only salsa. It is a mix of bachata, reggaeton or salsa choke, a new salsa style that is very popular in Colombia.

Recommended day: Tuesday.

Address: Cra 34 # 3-125 Parque del Perro.


9. El rincón de Herbert

This place, as the name suggests, is a little corner to dance. It has a very large terrace with tables and chairs, and if the weather is good people are on the terrace while having some drinks,  and when they want to dance you go to the dance floor that is inside. There are many local people, the atmosphere is good, free admission and fairly cheap drinks.

Recommended day: Thursday.

Address: # 24- a, Cl. 6 # 2453


10. Space 10-60

It is not a salsa bar itself, although they play some salsa, but you will not find real salsa dancers that take you out to dance like in the other venues. But the place itself is highly recommended because it has a terrace from where you can enjoy incredible views of the city. The entrance cost 10,000 COP with a beer and the atmosphere is very international, a mixture of locals and tourists who will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of crossover music.

Recommended day: Friday and Saturday.

Address: Carrera 10 # 10-60, Barrio Santa Rosa.


We hope you enjoy it a lot and if you want to add more places or leave your comments about where to dance salsa in Cali will be great. We’ll see you on the dance floor!

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