Donde bailar salsa en bogota

Where to dance salsa in Bogota

As we know you find usefull this info in our blog,  here is this article so you know where to dance salsa in Bogotá.


1.Salsa Camará

This place is located in the pink zone of Bogotá, it is a sala where there are also many concerts and it is a cultural heritage of the city, because it is also a group of well-known national and international groups.

Address: Carrera 71 # 11-19.


2. Son Salome
In the center of the Colombian capital you will find this other salsa place for lovers of good music.

Address: Calle 19 # 4-20.


3. Boricua Salsa Bar
Located in the northwestern corner of Bogotá, this salsoteca has been open for Colombians and tourists for 16 years. Very recommende salsa bar that is open on weekends and holidays.

Address: Calle 80 # 68C 11


4. Pachanga and Pochola
Although it is a local hangout for players and soccer fans, it is near the El Campín stadium. There is also an option for salsa lovers.

Address: Carrera 27 # 53-41.


5. Theatron
Organize the best Halloween party in Bogotá, in this LGBTI place there is a place for all tastes and all styles of music and that has 13 dance halls, as well as you will find where to dance salsa in this place.

Address: Calle 58 # 10-32.


6. El Goce Pagano
A classic in the capital since 1978, although it is not in the same place. Now it is located near the University and it has been enjoying dancing for more than 30 years at the rhythm of salsa, son and reggae.

Address: Carrera 5 # 26-42.


7. Salsa al parque

If you are in Bogota in November, you can not miss the biggest festival in Latin America that is held in the Plaza de Simón Bolívar. A weekend of concerts with the best Latin American music. You can see the schedule on your Facebook page Festival Salsa al Parque 2018!

If you are passing through the Colombian capital and you want to dance, I hope this article of where to dance  salsa in Bogota is useful, see you on the dance floor!

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