Donde bailar salsa en Berlin. Where to dance salsa in Berlin

Where to dance salsa in Berlin


Are you visiting Berlin and want to know where to go dancing? We want to share with  the best parties you can find in this city.

Berlin is a city known for its nightlife, you can find parties of all kinds, and Latin rhythms are not left behind. Here we tell you the best sessions of salsa, bachata, kizomba and also zouk, so you know where to go when you find yourself in the German capital. We also indicate the recommended day.



It is the best place to go dancing on a Thursday or Sunday in Berlin. It’s a dance hall with four tracks. On Thursdays the tracks are divided into Cuban salsa, mambo, bachata and kizomba.

On Sundays, the salsa tracks come together, and you can dance Cuban salsa and mambo in the same room, because they have a special zouk session on the other track.

Usually at 7:00 pm there are workshops.

Recommended day: Thursday and Sunday.



An old Russian theater turned into a dance hall. It’s a very Berliner place, not many tourists know it. If you like  cubaneo, this is your party.

Workshops of rueda de  casino before the social, and after that, only Cuban music.

Recommended day: Friday.



The best place if you are visiting the city on a Wednesday. The place is located in a basement and has only one dance floor. But it is without a doubt the salsa session that you can not miss. They dance Cuban salsa and line, and they also play some bachata.

It is open on Fridays and Saturdays as well, and there are salsa, bachata, reaggeton and commercial music tracks.

Recommended day: Tuesday



The best kizomba party in the city. Just play kizomba music, the room is huge and also has a terrace that open in summer and you can dance outdoors.

Recommended day: Tuesday



There are also options for salsa lovers on a Tuesday. It is a more familiar party since the place is not very big, but they have some very recommendable sessions of salsa and bachata.

Recommended day: Tuesday



Another salsa party in Berlin quite well known and with good atmosphere. Once a month they organize what is considered the best Cuban salsa festival in the city.

Recommended day: first Tuesday of the month.



In this place they organize salsa parties com dance schools, so it is not always open, but if is a party when you are around it can be a good option.

Recommended day: Friday and Saturday.



In this place they play live music and have  salsa concerts. We recommend you visit their website to find out about the program.

Recommended day: depends on the week.



If you are around the city on a Monday, you can not miss this  salsa session. Also, no entrance fee is paid. On this place they also do tango and swing parties, so if you are interested, find out on their facebook page.

Recommended day: Monday



If you like kizomba and you’re here on wednesday, this is your party, a session of kizomba and semba. On this same site you also have Kizomba sessions on Saturdays.

Recommended day Wednesday and Saturday.



If you are lucky and you are here in summer, you can enjoy this Cuban outdoor party, with a good level of dancing. This party is called Chévere and is organized by a German DJ with a Cuban heart, so it’s like being in Havana.

Recommended day: Wednesday



Another party recommended only for the summer since the sessions are outdoors, in a garden with a very good dance floor.

Recommended day: Friday.


We hope this article is useful if you are in  Berlin. We also encourage you to join our next trip to Berlin, so you just have to worry about enjoying and dancing !!!


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