What to see in Trinidad

In our trips to Cuba, we always try to pass through Trinidad, even if it’s only two nights. Trinidad is a fantastic city, very different from Havana, full of life on the street and colorful. With its colonial style, colorful houses and paved floor, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

While it is true that once in a while it is becoming more touristy, it still retains its magic. The best way to know is to stay in private homes, and we have very good recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us.


Historic area

One of the things that you should not miss if you are in Trinidad is to wander through its historical center, you will find beautiful buildings, small craft shops, colonial buildings with their interior patio, people practicing music or playing in the street, others dancing or learning to Dancing with the door open … certainly a place to get lost in its streets.


Ancón Beach

For those who want a dip in the Caribbean, only 15 minutes by car from Trinidad is Playa Ancon. A beach of white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters that you can not miss. And if you also want a bit of internet, we know that Cuba is scarce, you can ask the taxi driver to leave you at the Ancon Beach hotel, from there you can connect to the internet and in 2 steps to reach the arena. Yes, the quietest part of the beach is not that, so, if you seek peace, ask him to leave you in the other part that has the beach.


Valle de los Ingenios

This valley is a huge sugarcane plantation that is very typical of the area. Depending on the time you have and what you like each one, there are several options to know the valley. From trekking on foot with stop at a waterfall and lunch during the excursion, there is also the option of traveling on horseback and ending at the waterfall for a swim, or go to the viewpoint to enjoy the views of this valley or catch an old train that is only used for tourism. In our walk through the valley we can find the Manaca Iznaga Tower, which can be climbed to see the sights and that in its time was used to control the slaves of the land from above.


The stairway and The House of Music

When the night falls Trinidad takes a different air, in its streets you begin to hear the music and feel the desire of everyone to move those hips. If there is a place of reference in Trinity, there are the staircases of La Casa de la Música, where every night there is a live orchestra, with space for those who want to dance and practice a little and with tables for those who want to hear a bit of music more quietly.

No doubt Trinidad is a city that falls in love, and at night it becomes a city full of music and dance. Although the staircases are the best known, there are many other places where you can find live music and a small dance floor. And it depends on the day of the week, you can enjoy a live group of rumba and see this beautiful dance.

As I said at the beginning, we in all our trips tried to make a stop in Trinidad, so cheer up and sign up to travel with us that you will meet people with the same desire to enjoy this beautiful country and its rhythm! 😊

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