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What to see in the Dominican Republic

When we think of vacations, we think of those white beaches with turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, but at the same time we think that we do not want to spend the day lying down, but to know the place. Today we tell you what to see in the Dominican Republic, because it offers much more than the beaches that big tour operators have always sold to us, and that is why we take advantage of our trips to get a little closer to their culture, roots and Less visited places in catalogs.


Peninsula of Samaná

It is a place that has us captivated, there is a lot of life, a lot of dancing and a lot of nature to enjoy. Its beaches are as beautiful or more than those of the Punta Cana area and are not as exploited at the tourist level.

This part of the country allows you to enjoy the place and your time with horseback riding, hiking, diving and if you are lucky enough to go between December and March you can watch the passage of the humpback whales.


Las Terrenas

It is one of the villages in the Samaná area, not long ago it was a small fishing village that, over time, and due to the population of different nationalities that live there, it seems more and more like a small Italian or French town. Here we can find a very pleasant atmosphere without becoming an area of ​​hotel complexes, there are restaurants of different types, nightlife and lots of life on the street.


Salto del Limón

In the area of ​​the peninsula we find this well-known waterfall about 40 meters high that falls into a natural pool that invites you to take a dip and relax. To get there you have to trek almost 3km through the jungle, it is advisable that you always have an experienced guide who knows the terrain. There are also excursions that allow you to arrive on horseback.


Las Galeras

This town is about 20km from Samana, but it is worth a visit if you go with time. It is a town that is far from the tourist area and still maintains its own Dominican charm, consisting of small houses lined with coconut trees and next to the sea, on its beach we can see some boats owned by locals.


Cayo Levantao

It is one of the islands near the coast of this area that deserves a visit. It is also known as Bacardi Island because it has the palm trees of the famous brand. You can spend the day there enjoying the turquoise waters and the fine white sand. This small key can be covered in 15 minutes and there you will find places to taste typical food, some drinks and everything to the rhythm of typical music of the area.


Los Haitises National Park

In this park you will find wild nature in its purest state, a host of wild animals in the area such as the hutia or the tijereta and also has one of the largest populations of birds in the area.

Once you enter the park, the vegetation will surprise you because it is very varied and abrupt. The tropical humid forest has species like the ceiba or the copey. And in the park there are spectacular rivers.

The park allows you to enjoy it on foot, by kayak or even with a boat ride.


Colonial City of Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic was the first European settlement in America, known as Santo Domingo de Guzman, it is already a centenary city and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It still conserves buildings that were part of this city when it was founded, most of them in the Colonial zone.

It was founded in 1496 by Bartolomé Colón and was the first seat of the Spanish colonial government in the New World.

Today it is the cultural and economic center of the Dominican Republic.

Walking through its streets is to see its evolution thanks to the different buildings, squares, streets and parks. There are still many colonial houses, churches and fortifications.


La Romana

In the area of ​​La Romana, our favorite corner is the beautiful town of Bayahibe, founded in 1874, is a fishing village with colorful houses where you can fish the best fish and seafood in the country. Its beach is ideal for snorkeling and you can see starfish, stingrays and cuttlefish among many other fish.

The excursion to Isla Saona leaves from Bayahibe, but once all the tourists have left, it becomes a haven of peace, ideal for relaxation and disconnection.


Saona Island

It is an island surrounded by beautiful beaches, full of wildlife, birds, dolphins, turtles, manatees and whales, and large extensions with corals to enjoy snorkeling. You can not forget your glasses and your tube, because you will not only see colorful fish and corals, but you also have many chances to see turtles.

As you can see, this country offers a lot to all of us who go and that is why it has us captivated and we want you to come with us not only to enjoy its landscape, but also the bachata classes and their culture.


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