que comer en Lisboa what to eat in Lisbon

What to eat in Lisbon

Portugal is a country with a very rich gastronomy. And although it is a neighboring country, it has dishes very different from ours and that we cannot miss if we travel to Lisbon. We leave you some of our favorites, sure you will also love them!



  • Pastel de Belém: Sweet cream cake, typical of the Belém district. In a good option to accompany your Galão (coffee with milk) as breakfast. And the best option is to eat it freshly made in the factory next to the Jerónimos Monastery if you find yourself in the neighborhood.
  • Complaints from Sintra, they are cheese tarts with cinnamon. And although we find them in Lisbon, their origin is in Sintra. They are made in Piriquita confectionery with a recipe that dates back to 1862.



With all the coast that Portugal has in the Atlantic Ocean it is to be expected that they have so many rich fish dishes. Cod is the star in the Portuguese gastronomy, and they say they have 365 ways to prepare it, but there are many others to try. We leave you some, but try all you can because they are delicious!

  • Bacalhau a Bras: it is the most famous dish in Portugal and it is so simple and delicious, it is crumbled cod, with eggs and grated potato chips.
  • Bacalhau with presumed: they are bocallidos that are very rich, made of bacalo and ham.
  • Pataniscas de bacalhau: fried bacalo fritters.
  • Caldeirada; It is a stew that can be fish, balao or seafood. The fish are cooked in a broth with white wine, onion, tomato, peppers, garlic and potatoes.
  • Sardinhas: roasted sardines, accompanied almost always by a corn bread called broa.



The most consumed meat in Portual is pork. They cook it in different ways and this makes it one of the indispensable dishes to try on our way through Lisbon.

  • Porco à alentejana: this is one of the most traditional recipes and consists of an exquisite combination of pork, potato, clams, cilantro and paprika.
  • Migas à alentejana: with a base of bread and pork.
  • The leitao: roast suckling pig is one of the specialties of the country.
  • Goatling stew: it is made at low heat and is a delight for the five senses.
  • Frango à piri-piri “: a recipe that comes from the old Portuguese colonies in Africa, is barbecued chicken cooked with chili.


Other dishes:

  • Green soup: it is mashed potatoes with strips of cabbage. A dish very typical of the country and that you can find in most restaurants.
  • Seafood broth: It is a soup of seafood, bread and garlic, and is one of the most popular meals in restaurants in Lisbon.
  • Rissóis: It is a kind of empanada, stuffed with a paste of shrimp or meat.
  • Rice with octopus (rice with powder): it is a sweet rice that is ideal to taste it with the traditional green wine. We can try this dish in many restaurants in the city.


I hope you are not reading this with much hunger ? and that I encourage you to try these dishes in Lisbon with us!

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