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What should I pack?

Hello everyone! We go again on a trip, and as happens to many of you, one of the things that gives us more laziness is to pack, the eternal doubt … What should I pack?

Today we want to leave some tricks to get the task of making the suitcase more bearable and do not leave with the feeling that you forget something.


Things to keep in mind to choose what to pack:

  • The weather in the destination. Look at the forecast can guide us a little, but we know that they are not very reliable :). So, the best thing to do is to know what the usual climate is during that time of the year.
  • What we are going to do in the destination: Walking a lot visiting the emblematic places of the city, going to the beach, trekking, going out for dinner, doing some kind of sport, etc.


With this we can already choose the clothes we need.


  • Duration of the trip: it is not the same to go away from weekend, than to make a route of 3 weeks.


When we travel for 7 days or more, we recommend you to take clothes for up to 7 days, you can always wash, it is not necessary to carry a suitcase with clothes for 3 weeks.


  • Sleeping kit: on long trips by plane, or perhaps in certain accommodations, we know that both noise and light can be very annoying when we try to sleep. That’s why we recommend you bring, ear plugs and mask.


Traveler tricks:

  • Put the heaviest and most resistant, such as shoes, down.
  • Use the holes, like those in shoes, to put belts, socks, etc.
  • Mark your suitcase to differentiate it from the others … some of us have taken a suitcase that was not ours 🙂
  • Use the bags to freeze food with zipper to keep your clothes dry and sorted. We use them, so, if the backpack gets wet, the clothes remain dry, classified and without odors 🙂 (eg a T-shirt bag, another one for socks, another for underwear, etc.)
  • Take a photo with your phone to the documentation and reservations, and leave a copy on the internet, either in your mail, Drive, Dropbox, etc.


It is advisable to take a suitcase as light as possible, since we will have to take it from one place to another on several occasions. It is necessary to avoid filling the suitcase with “just in case” and to control the maximum weight allowed by the airline, which we already know that they are very strict with the extra kilograms and then they turn out to be very expensive!


We used to travel with a backpack of 40 liters, and as a handbag, a backpack of 20 liters.


What to carry in the handbag:

  • Technology: Camera, mobile, computer, tablet, adapter for the plugs and their chargers, if you lose your suitcase do not stay disconnected!
  • Book, sudokus, etc. in case the plane does not have entertainment on board.
  • Documentation, passport, visa, credit cards and money.
  • A change, in case the suitcase is lost or arrives late.
  • Foular or pareo and socks in case the plane is cold with air conditioning.
  • Brush and toothpaste, wipes, especially for long and night flights.
  • If you take any medical treatment, do not forget to take it in the handbag!

To finish, we want to share with you our list of plugs in the world.

Now, let’s travel!!

what should I pack

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