FotoVoluntariadoCoban, Guatemala

Volunteer dance project

Some of you may have seen a volunteer dance project in Guatemala on our trips, and you may be wondering what this is this about. Well,  we tell you a little more about  this project  in this article.

A few years ago a friend encouraged me to volunteer on my vacation, she had just arrived from India, and she told me about her experience. I love to travel so it does not take much to convince me to take the backpack and explore the world.

I decided to try, and I went as a volunteer in a sports program to Muizenber in South Africa and the following year I repeated my experience and went to Antigua in Guatemala. Since then when I have time, if I travel in a country where they have this type of programs I always try to spend a bit of time, even if is only for one day. It is very rewarding and you always learn things.

Here we tell you a little bit about what our solidary trip project consists of.



I keep in touch with the orphanage  I worked in Guatemala, and when I proposed the volunteer dance project, the idea enchanted them.

So our program will take place in Rosa de Amor association, a children’s home located in a village very close to the city of Cobán and also close to the Caves Rey Marcos, a tourist attraction in the area.

This association is dedicated to the support of children and adolescents with different programs. One of them is the Hogar in which 11 children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 are currently living. This household has different activities for the integral development of children and adolescents with learning workshops and occupational.


Volunteer dance project

The dance volunteer program will take place 3 days a week in the evenings, so the rest of the days is expected that you help out in the Hogar with different tasks, such as cleaning, help in the kitchen or the farm. You will have to adapt to the school hours and schedules of the Hogar, so it is required that you be flexible. It’s about you teaching them what you know about dancing, no matter how much you know. If you can not think of anything, do not worry, we have a program prepared with simple dances choreography because it is about  having a good time.



You will stay in a room that can accommodate 10 volunteers, although you will rarely meet so many volunteers at once. The room is in the same Hogar, so you will have to be respectfull with the schedules..

All your meals are included in the Hogar from Monday to Friday, before or after serving the food to the children. You will be offered the same food as the Hogar staff.


Visit Guatemala

From Cobán you can travel to discover Guatemala, either at the end of your volunteering, or on the weekends you have free time to get to know the country. We will put you in touch with local agencies if you want to go on weekends, since they have some organized trips from Friday to Sunday, which are very comfortable so you do not have to worry about anything.

But if you have time when you finish volunteering and want to travel  through Guatemala, it is also a good option. We recommend the travel blog of our partner Marta who tells you the best places to visit, where to sleep and many tips.


We love Guatemala, not only because there are many things to visit and do, but because it is a destination where you will fall in love with the kindness of the people and their hospitality. In addition, this dance volunteer program will be a before and after in your life as a traveler!