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Traveling woman and woman dancer

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. And we, as founding women of this company, workers and entrepreneurs, did not want to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to all those women who made traveling and dancing something that we enjoy so much today.



Egeria, the first adventuress.

Egeria is a great stranger, one of the great travelers of history and who wrote the first travel book in Spanish, anticipating a thousand years to Marco Polo.

Part of his life and its origin remains a mystery, but the newspaper found tells us of his trip through the then Roman way, which had about 80 thousand km in the empire.

In his travel notebook he wrote: “Since I am a bit curious, I want to see everything.” It is known that between 381 and 384 he traveled more than 5,000km, on the back of a donkey or a mule, crossed three continents, stayed in post houses and monasteries, and his goal was to see with his own eyes places described in the Bible. The part of the manuscript that has been recovered relates its journey through the Middle East, as it left the current Galicia to reach the current Tarragona, crossed the Rhone River through southern France, crossed Italy from north to south and embarked there towards the ancient Constantinople, current Istanbul, from there continued his journey to Palestine to visit the Holy Land, continued to Egypt and then returned to Jerusalem.

I could tell you many more things about this great adventurous traveler, because her journey deserves it, but I want to take this opportunity to tell you about other traveling women, so if you want to know her better, since several books on the subject have been written, among them Viaje de Egeria : The first story of a Hispanic traveler and adventurous and adventurous travelers.


Annie Londonderry, the adventurous cyclist.

This adventurer made her trip in an era closer to ours, in 1894. And the special thing about this trip is that she was the first woman to travel the world by bicycle.

She was challenged by two members of her club in Boston to travel the world in 15 months by bicycle, and she was also challenged to get $ 5,000, so she carried a Londonberry brand billboard on her bike during the trip, thus, advertising them He earned the money and ended up adopting the name of the brand as his own.

On July 28, 1894, hundreds of people and journalists gathered in the streets of New York to dismiss her at the beginning of her adventure. From New York he crossed on a ship to France, crossed the Mediterranean to Egypt, sailed to Sri Lanka and Singapore and returned to the United States 15 months later. He went through cities such as Paris, Marseille, Egypt, Yemen, Colombo and Singapore during the Vitorian era.



The origin of the dance shows lies in the Italian Renaissance, where they were held to entertain the court. Later it was developed in France and in 1661 the French king Luis XUV establishes the Academie Royal de Danse, the first professional ballet organization. In these shows at first the dancers were only men, who danced with masks for female characters) It was later when women began to participate in these shows, to shorten their skirts and to wear shoes without heels to dance.


Alicia Alonso, the legend of the Cuban ballet.

Founder and director of the National Ballet of Cuba, Alicia Alonso began her training in 1931 in Cuba, later moved to the USA where she trained with great dancers and in 19838 she made her debut in the Broadway musical comedies, Great Lady and Stars in your Eyes.

Two years after her debut she joined the Ballet Theater of New York, and this is where she stood out and was an interpreter of great works, acting as the first dancer in European and American countries.

It was in 1948 when he founded in Havana the ballet Alicia Alonso that today is known as the National Ballet of Cuba.

Although she retired in 1995, to this day, at 97, she is still the director of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Misty Copeland, the first black dancer to lead the American Ballet.

In 2015 at last, a black dancer, leads the American Ballet Theater (ABT), and that is that things were never easy for the black dancers in the ABT.

In the 1940s, when the ballet was founded, there was the Black Dance Group, but they were obliged to dance separately.

Misty did not have it easy, after a lot of struggle, she managed to enter the ABT at age 24.


As you can see, women can take what they throw at us and we have to fight so that our successors can still have more!

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