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Travel movies

Those of us who like to travel also like to do it thanks to the cinema, or else enjoy some good travel movies in our idle times, such as plane, bus, train, boat, etc.

Today I leave you a selection of travel movies that the TravelToDance team loves, some based on books, others on real stories and others on historical facts. In all of them you will see places and cultures that you will surely want to know, if you have not already been!


  1. The art of traveling

A movie for those who want to know more about the culture and way of life of Central America.

The protagonist is a boy who is about to marry to who has been his first love, but something is twisted, and the wedding is not carried out. He decides to enjoy the honeymoon trip they had planned and that takes him to Central America, Peru and Bolivia.


  1. Whale Rider

And this is one of the little-known travel movies, for those of you who have in your mind to go to New Zealand, you will appreciate that I propose you to see it.

The story takes place in a small town on the coast of New Zealand, where their aborigines believe they are descendants of a single ancestor. This film tells how the only person in the tribe that can be the new boss is an eleven-year-old girl, and how she has to face her grandfather whom she adores and thousands of years of tribal tradition.


  1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This is one of those travel movies that you have seen or have heard about. Written and directed by Woody Allen, shot in New york, Catalonia and Asturias and awarded several times.

A fun movie that tells how two American friends travel to Barcelona on summer vacations and end up entangled in a somewhat controversial story with a famous painter.


  1. Into the wild

This travel movie is based on the book of the same name by Jon Krakauer. It tells the story of a young idealist, who lives in the nineties, and decides to leave everything, his belongings, his savings and the civilized world, to go to Alaska. For all those who not only like to travel, but have ever thought about leaving your comfort zone, I recommend this travel movie, sure that will make you reflect.


  1. Seven days in Havana

The travel movie is divided into 7 short films, each one tells the story of a character in Havana during a day, as if it were separate chapters of the same series. The Havana that you will see in this film is very different from the one that is shown to tourists, it tells the daily life of the different characters during a day, it goes through its neighborhoods, generations and culture.


  1. The Motorcycle Diaries

¿Have you heard about this travel movie? Well, take note up now, you cannot miss it. It not only travels through Latin American countries, but also brings us closer to the figure of a great character in history, Ernesto Guevara, Che.

The story takes place in 1952 when El Che, a medical student and his friend, a biochemist, left Buenos Aires on a dilapidated motorcycle of 1939, to tour South America. When the motorcycle breaks down they continue their hitchhiking trip and little by little they get to know places, people and the culture of the places they visit. All this is marked to then defend their ethical and political interests.


  1. Under the Tuscan sun

And I finish this recommendation of travel movies from the beautiful Tuscany. In this film you will not only discover the beauty of Italy and the region of Tuscany, but you will enjoy a love story, full of passion, insecurities and funny moments.


Now it’s your turn, what travel movies do you recommend? Is there any essential travel movies that you miss on this list? Leave me your comments and recommendations of travel movies ?


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