Top 10 TravelToDance Carnaval

Top 10 TravelToDance Carnival

1.-Rio de Janeiro

It is considered the best carnival in the world, of that there is no doubt. It is celebrated by thousands of Brazilians and attracts millions of tourists every year to enjoy its music and festive atmosphere.
At TravelToDance we are getting ready to go to the Sambódromo next year. We propose not only to go to Brazil, but to dance in the parades with one of the local dance schools, to live like a carioca, from inside, and not as a simple spectator from the stand.
We will learn to dance Samba and we will take one of the “costumes” (costume chosen by the school) to participate in the parades, and to enjoy to the maximum of a unique experience.
This year we propose a trip to Salvador de Bahia, so that you begin to practice for the carnival 2019.

2.-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Did you know that the second best carnival in the world is in Spain? On the island of Tenerife you can enjoy an incredible Carnival, considered the second most popular and internationally known after the Rio.
Do not let others to tell you, TravelToDance has a trip to Tenerife this year to celebrate the carnival. We will enjoy the carnival atmosphere and participate in the parades. Use your imagination and decided a costume for the group, because we are going to dance all week.


A carnival distinguished by its elegant and sophisticated style, unlike the other carnivals, Venice, has remained firm in time and is still wearing seventeenth-century costumes. Tradition tells that the aristocracy of the time was disguised, wearing masks to meet with the people.
Tourists who venture to visit the Carnival rarely disguise themselves, simply wear a Venetian mask. But at TravelToDance, we will organize the way you have your costume and your mask, to participate in the carnival as a Venetian more.


We already knew that in Colombia they dance, a lot. What is perhaps not as well known as the ones we named so far, is the Barranquilla Carnival. Well, for those who do not know, is one of the carnivals considered World Heritage by Unesco.
So, we are going to dance there. Get ready to get to know Colombia and enjoy your most authentic holidays. Here you will find a lot of cultural and folkloric variety of the Colombian Caribbean.
We will take this trip to know this country and all the Latin rhythms that offers us, which are not few, from cumbia and vallenato to salsa caleña. So dance and more dance.

5.-Trinidad and Tobago

Maybe it is not as well known as the others mentioned, but this carnival dazzles by its costumes and its parades, is considered “the best show of the earth”, and is that their costumes with colorful feathers are spectacular.
Imagine participating in the parades with local schools, and wearing one of those costumes as if you were a real habitant of this Caribbean island. Enjoy the warmth and the dance. In TravelToDance we are preparing the program of this carnival to take you next year.

6.-Dominican Republic

What are you going to miss the carnival trip? Or What do you want to repeat? The carnival of the Dominican Republic does not coincide with the typical dates of carnival, but the big day is celebrated the same day as the day of the Nation, on February 27.
That is why in TraveltoDance we propose that you come to dance to this carnival, to continue enjoying this party. In addition, as we all know, in Dominican Republic they dance a lot, and we will take the opportunity to dance bachata and merengue.

7.-New Orleans

Known as Mardi Gras, it is another of the world’s most famous carnivals and the largest carnival held in the United States.
Its spectacular parades of floats and the number of people who come to celebrate the carnival, makes it quite impressive. Also, for Americans, it’s the an excuse to get drunk to fight the cold.

8.-Nothing Hill

What still left you wanting more carnival? We too, so we propose the one of Nothing Hill in London, because this carnival of Jamaican tradition is celebrated in August. It is considered the largest festival in Europe, and if you look closely, it is quite close, so why not keep dancing and celebrating the carnival in summer.

9.- Cologne

And who was going to tell you that you can celebrate the carnival most of the year, yes, here is another. Maybe a little coolder than the previous ones, but a big party also in this German city.
Although the big holiday coincides with the typical carnival date, the beginning of the Cologne Carnival is celebrated every year on 11/11 at 11.11. and as in 2018 coincides Sunday, you think if we make a carnival weekend start and SBK to not miss anything!

10.- Sitges

Another carnival at home, considered by many among the 10 best in the world. We include it in our list for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and for being, along with the gay pride party, one of the most representative gay parties in Spain and in the world. And we know very well that these holidays are super fun.
In addition we are with its motto Per Carnaval tot s’hi val (For carnival everything is worth)

We could probably add 10 more carnivals to this list, but for now we will stick with these, and we hope you come and dance the Carnival!

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