Consejos para viajar. Tips to travel

Tips for traveling

Did you just buy some tickets to your dream destination? Have you booked those perfect vacations and now you have all the doubts? Here we leave you some tips for traveling that will make the trip easier.



Choose the size and type of luggage that best suits your trip. From one or more suitcases with wheels, backpacker, etc. What you have to take into account is the type of trip that awaits you, if you are going to change hotels often because you make a route and go on public transport, it is better for you to have a backpack that allows you to move easily, instead, if your trip is in the same accommodation all the time and you arrive comfortably in a single transport, a common suitcase will be more practical.

About what to pack, we leave you the link to our article What should I pack?.



One of the factors to keep in mind is that during our vacations we always have more free time, and we must not forget that relaxation can be given by a good book or a good movie.

We must also consider that sometimes we expect long trips by plane, train or bus, and take a little entertainment in the luggage, it is not too much.

For the fans of reading, we invite you to read our article on Books for travelers, where you will find some interesting recommendation.

For those who prefer the cinema, we also have an article with the best travel movies, and another with movies about dancing,  so that the traveling and dancing spirit don’t go out.



There are many destinations chosen by each one of us, and it goes a lot according to what we want at each time of year, but there is a destination par excellence that receives millions of visitors a year, the Big Apple. New York, the city of cinema and skyscrapers, with great avenues and parks.

If you want some tips before getting on that plane to the Big Apple, do not miss the article about New York Tips we have in our blog.

And one of the star destinations in the Caribbean, full of culture and rhythm is Cuba, we leave you here some tips for when you go!

Marrakech is a fantastic city, chosen as a destination by many of us to make a break of 4 days, and here are some tips.



If you are looking for accommodation for your holidays, we recommend to make your reservations. They have all kinds of options, for all budgets, from hostels and pensions to 5 star hotels, so you can choose what best suits your trip.



Do you want to go on a trip, but do not agree on the dates with your friends? Do you want to know that dream destination and share it with people with interests like yours? Are you dance-lover and you want to enjoy some class during your holidays?

For some time, travel has stopped being a flight plus hotel and four trips to become experiences that we live and want to enjoy to the fullest and always remember. Therefore, combine your trip with the typical dance of the place, you know or do not know how to dance, some steps always feel good to the body ? Meet new people to enjoy this trip with in a small group that for sure you will take some friend back … all this and much more if you travel with TravelToDance, discover here the 10 reasons to travel with us.


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