Danza del vientre en Marrakech / Belly dance Marrakesh

Tips for traveling to Marrakech

Marrakech is a city that will catch you when you stroll through its medina, full of smells, colors, sounds and full of life. Every corner of this city can give you unique moments. Here are some tips for traveling to Marrakech for you to enjoy 🙂

I recommend that you visit it without planning excessively and letting yourself go and at your own pace. And if you end up exhausted from so much walking, relax in a hammam that is a unique experience.


  1. VISA

If you are Spanish, to enter Morocco you do not need a visa. You need to travel with your passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

On arrival you must fill out a form, where among other information you will be asked the address of where you are staying, so take it by hand. And keep in mind that for the exit you will need to fill out another form.

Anyway, as this information may vary, I recommend you visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before traveling.



No vaccination is required to travel to Morocco today, although the ministry recommends being vaccinated against tuberculosis. As always, I recommend that you check it when you go to travel on the ministry website.

It would be interesting to take with you a small basic kit with antihistamines, antidiarrheals, analgesics, stomach protectors and if you take any other medication do not forget to take the necessary dose and a little more.

I also recommend that you take out travel insurance. Two good companies, which have always worked for me and have good coverage are Intermundial and Iati.



The Moroccan currency is dirham (MAD) which is divided into 100 cents. The coins are 1, 2, 5 and 10 dirhams, and 10, 20 and 50 cents. There are bills of 20, 50, 100 and 200 dirhams. It is important that you check the change before you leave to see when you make the change if it is expensive or cheap and decide where to change currency.

At the airport you can change some money, it is not usually the most favorable change, but you will need it to get to the center. If you are going to be a few days, it is possible that you get into account to change a little more and not to look for a house of change.

Credit cards are accepted in some accommodations and restaurants, but often the dataphone does not work, so it is advisable to always carry some cash, and confirm with the accommodation upon arrival if they can charge you a card to change if it is necessary.



Morocco is one of the safest African countries, and Marrakech is not a problem if we take care as we always travel, we must watch our bag or backpack, avoid misunderstandings with local people, do not carry ostentatious objects in the street, etc.

What I recommend is that you watch with unofficial guides, children, teenagers or people who will offer to “help” you to reach a site. In principle, without commitment, but upon arrival you will be asked for money. You may be tempted to take that help between the streets of the medina, but keep in mind that, if they help you, they will expect money from you as a reward. To get rid of them by rejecting and following your path is enough. Always with a smile for the world everything is easier, but if you still bother too much to call the police, they will leave you alone with the thought that they can be fined.



Internet works just like Spain and in many places you will find wifi, hotels, restaurants, etc. You can buy a sim for your mobile with calls and data for about € 10 that will allow you to have internet even without having wifi.



For me the best option is to stay inside the Medina. While it is true that it is noisier, and I recommend that you bring plugs because it will depend on the room that you touch and the street you find that you hear noise until late and early in the morning.

And of course, in the middle of the streets of the medina, the clear choice is a Riad, the typical Moroccan construction that gives so much peace with its central courtyard.



In Marrakech it is very typical to go to see belly dance shows, but with us you can not only enjoy the show, but also classes taught by local teachers.



Marrakech is a city that it is best to explore and discover on foot. Still at your arrival you will need to go from the airport to your accommodation.

One option is to ask your hotel to pick you up, they usually put very standard prices. On arrival you will find taxis, but with them you will have to bargain because they do not carry a meter, or they will tell you that it is broken.

There is also a bus that goes to the center and what tourist information will tell you where to take it.


Enjoy the red city of Morocco and dance a lot!

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