Turismo responsable

This summer practice responsible tourism

For most of us, the summer months are those that we have the opportunity to travel more and we take the opportunity to visit other places and other cultures. And while it is true that travel enriches us we also leave behind an important footprint, if we don’t do it responsibly.
Today we want to leave you here, some tips, very simple that will help you to leave the place you visit intact after your step.


Say NO to activities with animals that are deprived of their freedom.

There is nothing nice about taking a picture with a dolphin in captivity in Riviera Maya or Cancun, that dolphin is in a prison and undergoes very hard training so that some people get the photo. Neither does a camel or elephant ride, the animals suffer with an excessive and continuous weight on them, live in terrible conditions and often suffer from mistreatment to make them docile.


If you want to observe the animals in their habitat, RESPECT them.

You have to keep a distance with them so they do not feel threatened, you do not have to surround them in jeeps or navigate around them in groups. Find out before going on a trip, there are many excursions that offer you to see sharks, whales or certain species, and what they do is throw food for them to appear and make you jump running into the water for the photo, this is the case of people who goes to the Philippines to swim with the whale shark in Oslob, a horror!


Respect their culture, traditions and values ​​and learn from them.

Whenever possible, it is a good time to learn about other cultures, but do not judge them, let yourself be surprised by another way of doing things and seeing the world. Make sure you know your behavioral and social rules to avoid behaviors that may involve disrespect. Like, for example, avoid kissing yourself in public in Malaysia, which until recently could mean a detention.


Encourage the local development of the destination you visit.

It consumes local products and services, giving work to its population aids to its development.


Do not give children money.

You may find this statement very hard, but the sad reality behind a child asking for money is that of parents who use it to generate income and a child who is left without the opportunity to attend school and receive training to your future. Therefore, that money is bread for today, but hunger for tomorrow. If you really want to help children, go to local schools, bring them school supplies or non-perishable food. In many of them they not only give classes, they also give them one or two meals a day to encourage parents to take their children to school.


Do not leave your garbage, if it has come in your backpack it can go back in your backpack.

The movement to fight against plastic is getting stronger, because it is turning our oceans into a garbage dump. You can contribute during your holidays, and not only if you go to the beach or the sea, wherever you go, beach, mountain or city, use trash cans and trash and do not pollute your environment.


Do not take something that belongs to the place.

Take corals, shells, plants or even animals, alter the ecosystem of the destination you visit, have you thought what would happen if we all did the same? Do not buy souvenirs made of materials obtained illegally, such as ivory or animal skins.


Help us to keep this world a wonderful place to enjoy forever.
We practice responsible tourism in our trips, do you sign up? 😊

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