Salento y Valle de Cocora por tu cuenta. Salento and Cocora Valley on your own

Salento and Cocora Valley on your own

How to get to Salento from Bogotá?

Route: Salitre Station in Bogotá to Armenia: 43,000 COP (14€ approx)

There are buses at all hours of the day, but the journey is about 8-9 hours, it is advisable to do so at night. The ticket cost me cheaper in the terminal, than the price I got on the Internet, so I better buy it there. It’s very easy to travel by bus, and I thought it was pretty safe.

Armenia- Salento: 4,500 COP (1.25€). The bus to Salento leaves from the same terminal where you arrive from Bogotá, you can buy the ticket directly on the bus. The journey lasts 45 minutes.



I stayed at La Churrita Hostel, a Hostel that had only been open for 4 months when I arrived but it was full of people with a very good atmosphere, economic price and a full breakfast included. 20,000 COP per night (5.50 €). The location is also good.


What to do in Salento?

Forget guided tours, everything you need to visit in this town you can do on your own, unless some of the excursions you prefer to do it by bike or on horseride. If you want to do them on foot, you do not need a guide.



If you come to Salento it is definitely to visit this place. To get to the entrance of this spectacular place you will have to go to the main square of Salento and from there you will find jeeps that take you  to the door of one of the farms you have to cross. The jeep costs 4,000 COP (€ 1.10) each way. Once there you can take a circular route, through which you will pass through two farms, or simply enter and exit through it. But I recommend you do it whole, it is 12 km and it will take 4-5 hours. The entrance and exit to the Valley will cost you 5.000 COP (because you have to cross two private farms).



To go to the waterfall you can also go walking. I did not go, because it coincided with the rainy season and it was not a good time to bathe, but you can walk from the town. If you stay at Hostel La Churrita, they can explain how to get there.



If you want to know a little more about the process of making coffee since its collection. You can go to one of the farms that are in Salento, more or less an hour walking and you find some of these farms. I went to the last, Finca Don Elias, on the recommendation of the Hostel, because it is perhaps the least tourist and the cheapest. The tour costs 10.000 COP (2.75 €) and they do it at any time, as soon as you arrive, it is very interesting and they give you a coffee at the end of the tour to try it out.

There are other farms before reaching this, and for example the El Ocaso farm, also has accommodation if you want to stay one day in the middle of nature.

Salento is one of the most visited towns of the Eje Cafetero, due to its proximity to the Cocora Valley and because it is a very endearing town, but if you like the area and want to explore more of these beautiful mountains and valleys, you can also visit Filandia or Pereira . Armenia is the capital, and it is more city, so it is not so pretty, the small towns have more charm.


How to go from Salento to Cali?

I followed my route to the south, if you are doing well, and you want to do it, here’s how to get there.

Salento-Armenia 4,500 COP (1.24€)

Armenia- Cali 22,000 COP (6 €). The journey only lasts 2 and a half hours, so be careful, do not do it overnight, or you’ll see yourself in Cali at certain hours of the morning where it is not advisable to walk down the street, you better travel by day.

We hope you enjoy Salento and the Cocora Valley on your own, and that you can make these tours on your own, it is really worth visiting. This article is written at the end of 2018, so prices may vary over time.

If you know more secrets about Salento, you can leave us your comments on this blog. Thank you!

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