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Reasons to have travel insurance on your vacation

Surely when you plan your vacation you are looking for information on the destination, the best places to visit, and the hotel and the flights or transportation that suits you best. Many times you will have thought that for what you are going to pay for travel insurance, you better spend that money on destination and enjoy the holidays.
From my own experience I can tell you that traveling without insurance could ruin your vacations, or make them more expensive if something happens to you. Personally I travel a lot, and I always do it with insurance, and both times I have had to use it less badly than I had it. The first time I had to be hospitalized for 6 days in Cambodia, can you imagine what kind of hospital or doctor would have ended up without insurance? And how much could the bill have cost me? Luckily, the insurance took me to a private hospital, with a room for myself and with a care comparable to that of the first world.
The second time, my cell phone was stolen while in Costa Rica, and although I could not recover it, thanks to insurance compensation, on my return I was able to buy another one without ruining it.
That’s why today, I leave you here reasons why I never travel without travel insurance.


Reasons to have travel insurance.


1. Available 24h every day of the week.

Whether you feel bad, you have a problem with your transport, a car accident, a theft or the loss of the wallet with all the cards, call from wherever you call and whatever time it is, they will help you. This tranquility is priceless when you travel and less when you do it in countries where they do not speak your language, such as Japan, Russia, etc.


2. Quality medical assistance

When you are out of your environment, if you feel bad, and I do not speak of a simple cold, if you break a finger or a leg or have an accident, knowing where to call or go is difficult and can be very expensive. Traveling with travel insurance guarantees you with a call to have quality medical assistance, if you cannot get to the medical center that they tell you, they will make an ambulance come looking for you. The insurance covers the tests for the diagnosis and what they have to do. And if you have to stay hospitalized, it also covers the movement of a relative to the place where you are.
Of course, when hiring the insurance, you have to make sure of the amount in medical expenses that it covers. I do not recommend traveling with less than € 60,000 of medical expenses included.


3. Language is not a problem

If you don’t speak the language of the place and you don’t understand the doctor or the pharmacist or any of the people you should deal with to solve your situation, the insurance provides you with an interpreter.


4. They inform you about your trip

Many do not know, but the insurance company can help you with questions or queries before, during and after your trip. They can advise you on how to get your visa, cancel the cards in case of theft, help you if you forget something abroad and send it to you.


5. Change of plans during your trip

Has it ever happened to you that your flight has been delayed or canceled, or that your suitcase has been lost. Travel insurance also provides for these cases and has coverage for this, such as being able to compare essential items until your luggage is returned (toiletries, clothes, medicines, etc.)
If it is true that when a flight is canceled the company has to relocate you, your route may already be completely disassembled, because you had to take another transport later or because by the time you are relocated you have already lost the contracted services of the first two days of travel . Travel insurance is very useful on these occasions because it helps you in the steps that you must carry out and covers the expenses of the new plan that you must do to continue with your trip or reimburses you for the services not enjoyed, and they even advance the money to That you can continue with the trip.


6. Trip cancellation

Travel insurance also has the option of hiring it with cancellation, although it is somewhat more expensive, it is recommended at certain times or circumstances since they can cover up to 40 different reasons why you cancel the trip until the day before and that you do not Assume no expense.
What reasons may lead you to be interested in taking out travel insurance with cancellation? Reasons for work, such as dismissal or incorporation into a new job. Health, such as illness or death of a relative until third grade. Bureaucrats, such as convening a jury or polling station, and many more.
So it should be considered at the time of hiring the trip, because yes, you must take out the insurance with cancellation at the time of booking the first service of the trip or in the following 7 days.

You will also recover the expenses if once you travel, you must return earlier and interrupt your trip for any of the reasons that are covered. Not only does the return trip travel insurance take over, it will also reimburse you for the days you have not enjoyed.


7. Insurance suits your vacation and you.

It is not the same travel insurance if you go to the beach, cruise or practice adventure sports. It also varies if you travel in Spain, Europe or the rest of the world and if you go 2 days or 10. So it is best to check which one is the best.


What should be taken into account when hiring travel insurance?

1. Coverage in medical expenses. I, as I said, I always travel with a minimum of € 60,000, there are countries like the US where medicine is very expensive,
2. See if the policy establishes co-payments, there are companies that, apart from insurance, ask you to pay a% of the services. Personally I recommend taking insurance without copayment.
3. The causes of cancellation it covers and if you must expand and take the cancellation insurance option due to your personal circumstances.
4. If you are going to do adventure sports or a cruise within your vacations, be sure to complete your insurance including these activities.
5. Travel insurance does not include everything you can imagine, so I recommend that you read the covers very well to make sure everything you want covered is covered.
6. Do not keep the cheapest insurance, 10 – 15 € difference are not many, and it is already known that in the end, cheap is expensive! The cheaper it is, the less coverage it will have.

In this link I leave the insurance with which I travel, with a 10% discaount: Intermundial.
The mode I choose always depends on the trip I am going to make and the circumstances in which I find myself, so I encourage you to see them and take the best one for you.

Happy trip 🙂

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