Travel to Cuba – August

Caribeean salsa trip

Do you want to discover the salsa roots? Do you feel like swimming in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean? Travel to Cuba and discover this beautiful island and enjoy the best Cuban rhythms. Our trip combines incredible landscapes, paradisiacal beaches and lots of dancing. 

As you can see, our trips are a little away from the traditional concept of travel, we seek to complement tourism with dance, because we know that dance is happiness, it makes our mind to be distracted, generates energy and smiles. 

Are you traveling alone or are you few and want to meet more people? Our trips are a meeting point for those who enjoy traveling and dancing! The group is small, so you can meet people with your same interests and with whom to continue sharing them when you return. 

If you want to know more about how our trips, here, we tell you in more detail. 

Our itinerary  includes  the west part of the iland where we will visit the tobacco plantations and we will visit the beaches from the northwest of the Iland.

From Viñales we will hava a first stop in Cienfuegos, located 245 km away and on the south coast of the island, it is the second most important city in Cuba, and it is also known as the Pearl of the South. From here we continue our way to Trinidad, where we will spend a couple of days to know the valley “Valle de los Ingenios and do not miss the rumba that is danced in this place. 

From here we will have the opportunity to go to enjoy the Caribbean Sea in Playa Ancón, one of the beaches in the south of the island, so you can enjoy white sand and a turquoise sea. 

And the last stop on our trip to Cuba before returning to Havana is Santa Clara, a city that is very visited by tourists because it contains Che’s mausoleum and a museum about its history in the Cuban revolution. 

In addition to all the visits we have prepared, you will not stop dancingdo not worry. Dance classes at day and salsa dance parties at night.

If you have holidays this dates and you like dancing, join this group and travel to Cuba with us. 

We want you to come back home having enjoyed a unique experience! 

1 August 2020 - 11 August 2020



Minimum group of  4 people and maximum of 15. In case of not reaching the minimum, a supplement can be paid to make the trip. 



8- 16 February

4 – 12 April

18 – 28 July



Travel insurance. 

Airport Transfers. 

 4 nights accommodation in Havana, 3 nights accommodation in Viñales and 3 nights accommodation in Trinidad in a double room with private bathroom and breakfast  in private house. 

If you want a single room, you will have a supplement of 230€ for the total of the trip. 

The eight dance classes indicated in the itinerary. 

 All transfers detailed in the itinerary between citiesFrom Havana to Viñales with stop in Soroa, from Viñales to  Trinidad with a stop in Cienfuegos, from Trinidad to Playa Ancón, and return to Havana with a stop in Santa Clara. Visit– tour of Old Havanathe Revolution Square, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Callejón de Hamel. 

Cayo Jutia tour from Viñales.



Plane tickets.

Processing of a visa.

Meals, dinners or personal extras. 

The excursions described as optional in the itinerary. 

The bus transfer from Cayo Santa María to Havana. 

Tickets, or drinks for the night out. 

Nothing that is not described in the INCLUDES section. 



  • Trekking Parque del cubano in Trinidad € 25 
  • Horseback ride through the Valley in Trinidad € 25 


* If in your free time you want to do some tour not mentioned as optional, tell us about it and we will offer you availability and prices. 

** If you are interested in taking more dance classes, we can also offer you price and availability. 

*** Due to the fluctuation of CUC, prices may suffer slight variations until 100% of the trip has been paid. 


Spanish nationality travelers need to travel with a valid Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and return ticket. 

Mandatory tourist visa can be obtained at the embassy of Cuba for € 22 (this is the cheapest way) and you will have to go there to process it. There are also online agencies that process visas to Cuba, and even at the airport in Spain. 

Medical travel insurance, which is already included in your travel package. 

If you do not have a Spanish passport, please consult the embassy of Cuba. 



18 years. 



No vaccine is required. 

But we recommend, as in all our trips, that you enter in the web of the ministry of health. Http:// 



It is a tropical climate, the temperature in the month of August ranges between 23 to 31 degrees and the sea water temperature can reach 30 degrees. Despite the high temperatures it is possible that someday it rains, so it is recommended summer clothes, but without forgetting some jacket in case it refreshes, and raincoat.



In Cuba there are two official coins. The Cuban Pesos (CUP) and the Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) that are used by tourists. But in practice nothing forbide you from entering a Cadeca (Exchange House) and changing convertible pesos for Cuban pesos. 

It is not recommended to travel with US dollars because they have a 10% tax. But traveling with the euro is free of this tax. 

The use of credit cards is not widespread in Cuba, so it is recommended to carry cash. 






In Cuba the plugs are of the American type with two flat legs, so you will need an adapter. Generally, electricity is 110V, although some hotels also have 220V. 



Cuba in general is a safe destination and you will need to have the same precautions as in any other place, such as storing your belongings in a safe place and not leave them unattended. 



It is common to leave tips in Cuba, and workers expect to receive them in CUC. It is not mandatory, so use your criteria depending on how was the service, but without offending anyone leaving a few cents. The normal tip we could say is 10%. 



Bring comfortable clothes for your classes, keep in mind that in many dance schools will not have air conditioning, so bring clothes to change later if you normally sweat  a lot, a towel and a bottle of water. 

Salsa shoes are not necessary, if you want to bring them for the classes  is no problem, but if you do not bring them is not problem either. 

In the nightclubs of Cuban people you do not usually see people wearing dancing shoes, most Cubans can not afford it. Maybe you see a tourist that uses them, but it is not the usual thing. In addition, the floor  is often not the best for dancing, so you would destroy your shoes, but we can indicate you, depending on where we go, in case you want to take them. 

Afro classes are made barefoot, so if you’re not comfortable with no shoes, you can bring jazz or ballet shoes or socks. 

If you are interested in one of our trips and don’t want to run out of place, book now.
You have to make a 150€ payment and we will book you a place in the trip during the next 15 days (in case this period is not incompatible with the remaining time until the trip)


traveltodance-how-to -book


1. Click on BOOK NOW from the trip you are interested in.

2. Fill in the booking form where you will find the IBAN number to make the bank transfer.

3. In the bank transfer, indicate your name, surname and the booking code.

4. Once we receive the payment, we’ll send you an email with the booking confirmation.

When the group is formed with the minimum of travelers we’ll contact you to make the payment for 50% of the total of the trip. (The 150€ from the booking will be deducted from the amount corresponding to 50%). At this point, if required by the destination, we’ll ask you to send a copy of your passport.

5. 15 days prior to departure we’ll send the travel documentation, itinerary, air tickets in case we have issued them, travel contract and travel insurance.

6.  Let’s travel!

The trip price does not include flights.
We can arrange the air tickets for you, and have to be paid in full before being issued.
No tickets will be issued until the group is confirmed, unless the participants agree to pay the supplement in case the minimum group isn’t form.
We recommend you, as far as possible, to buy your flights in advance to get better schedules and prices.

The 150€ from the booking will be fully refundable during the 15 days of the reservation if you decide not to travel.
The 50% paid at the group confirmation will not be refundable one month prior to departure. At this time you’ll have to make the final payment.
If at this point you decided not to travel, you could still get back 50% if you gave your place to someone who is not already enrolled in the travel group.
In case you can not give your place, we will have to see in each case, with our suppliers in the destination, the services that can be canceled without expenses.
Any cancellation after paying the 50% deposit will have 100€ expenses in concept of bank and management fees.

Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.