Croatia Roadtrip / Departure confirmed

Nature, medieval cities and crystal clear waters

Are you looking for a complete trip for your vacation? Sometimes what we are looking for is closer than you think. And it is that Croatia offers fascinating and very different places to make your trip a very complete trip. You have places declared World Heritage by UNESCO, natural parks with beautiful lakes and islands on the Adriatic Coast.

We have designed a program in which we can discover Croatia at our own rythm, with exclusive transportation for the group and a person from the team that will travel with you so that you only have to worry about enjoying your vacations.

Are you traveling alone or are you few and want to meet more people? Our trips are a meeting point for those who enjoy traveling ! The group is small, so you can meet people with your same interests and with whom to continue sharing them when you return.

If you want to know more about how our trips, here, we tell you in more detail.

Ruta por Croacia Dubrovnik

On our route through Croatia, we will visit 5 of the 6 places declared World Heritage by the UNESCO of the country. 2 National Parks, in which we will enjoy the landscape and in one of them some bath in crystal clear waters. We will spend three days on a paradise island in the Adriatic Sea. We will visit Mostar in Bosnia, a town full of recent history and finally we will reach the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik.

We want you to come back home having enjoyed a unique experience!

2 July 2019 - 14 July 2019



Departure of the flight to Zagreb.

Meeting with the person from the TravelToDance team that will be waiting for you to join the group.

Rest of the day off, according to the arrival time of the travelers, plans will be made to go around the city and have dinner as a group.




After breakfast at the hotel, we will take advantage to discover the most emblematic corners of the Croatian capital at our own pace.

We will enjoy the city on our first contact with this country throughout the day.

Lunch and dinner free.




Today it’s time to get up early! After breakfast, our transport awaits us to visit the National Park of Plitvice, a spectacular natural environment formed by 16 lakes of transparent waters, connected by beautiful waterfalls and pure nature.

Free lunch in the park.

After the visit, we will go to Zadar, one of the best places in Croatia to enjoy the sunset.

Free dinner




Today we have all day to discover Zadar at our own pace. This city is an essential place to get to know the Croatian culture. Even having been bombed during the Second World War and the war in Serbia in the nineties. Zadar has a special atmosphere. An old town with two cathedrals, a Roman forum, beautiful cafes, and a promenade where you can discover the “Marine Organ” and the Sun Salutation “as the sun falls on the sea.

lunch and dinner free.




Today we will continue touring some of the most beautiful villages in Croatia on our way to Split.

Our first stop will be in Sibenik, the city of King Kresimir, founded by the Croats more than a thousand years ago. We can get lost in its labyrinthine old town and visit the Cathedral of Santiago, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The second stop will be in Trogir, another city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. This fishing village is located on an island linked to the mainland by bridges.

And finally we will arrive in Split.

Lunch and dinner free.




Today we will stop visiting incredible cities and villages to enjoy a day in the middle of nature. To get to the park we will go by public transport and it is best to get up early to avoid queuing. We will visit the Krka National Park, where we can swim and swim among waterfalls and turquoise waters.

Free lunch in the park.

Free dinner and accommodation.



Today we will have the day to discover Split at our own pace. One of the most important cities of Croatia and that also hides another World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Diocletian’s Palace.

Lunch and dinner free.




Today we are going to one of the islands of the Adriatic Sea where we will enjoy during the next three days a relaxed atmosphere, a beautiful historic center that with the night becomes a magical place to walk around trying to decide where to dine.

Lunch and dinner free.




Today is the day to enjoy it on the beach and relax!

Lunch and dinner free.




Today we will cross to the islands next door, where the famous beach of the Golden Horn is located. We will have to take a ferry that will take us to the city of Bol, but we promise you it’s worth it.



Today we will take the morning ferry from Hvar to Split where our private transport will be waiting to take us to Dubrovnik.

On the way to Dubrovnik, we will visit Mostar, in Bosnia. A town that you will recognize by its famous bridge, symbol of the union between Muslims and critics who live in the city. Its streets are full of recent history of the nineties when the Serbian war took place.

Arrival in Dubrovnik.

Lunch and dinner free.




The next two days will be to discover Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. There is no concerted visit, so the group together with the person from our team can decide which they are more interested in doing.

Lunch and dinner free.




Depending on the flight schedules of the different people in the group, the person of our team traveling with you will propose options for each one.


Arrival at home and end of your travel TravelToDance!


Price per person in apartments of different distributions without breakfast.

The best way to enjoy Croatia is by staying in an apartment, “sobe” as they are called there. It is not very frequent to find well located hotels, that is why our trip proposal is in an apartment, this also allows us the flexibility of buying and having breakfast together, and improvising dinners that end up being extended with traveling talks.



Guaranteed departure when we reach a minimum group of 3 people targeted. In case of not reaching the minimum, you can pay a supplement to make the trip with fewer people.

Maximum group of 10 people. Precisely because of traveling in apartments, in this case, we limited the group to 10 people.

Price group 3 people: 1603€ per person.

Price group 5 people: 1225€ per person.



Travel insurance.

Exclusive transportation throughout the itinerary except where it is indicated that public transportation, ferry and buses are used.

*For the group of 3 people we will have a rental car and gasoline is not included in the price of the trip.

Twelve nights accommodation in apartments of different distribution according to the city.

Entrances to the Plitvice National Park and the Krka National Park.



Air tickets.

Tourist visa.

Breakfast, lunch and diner not mentioned in the included sections, and any personal extra.

Any entrance to night clubs neither any tour not described in the included section.

Anything that is not described in the section INCLUDED.

* For the group of 3 people we will have a rental car and gasoline is not included in the price of the trip.


* If in your free time you want to do some tour not mentioned as optional, tell us about it and we will offer you availability and prices.

** Due to the fluctuation of Kuna, prices may suffer slight variations until 100% of the trip has been paid.


To visit Croatia it is enough with the DNI in force during the whole period of the trip.

In order to visit Mostar, we will enter Bosnia. For this reason, it is necessary to travel with ID and Passport, and provided they are valid for more than 90 days (they must not expire within 90 days after the date of entry).



18 years



There is no mandatory or recommended vaccine.

For more information we recommend, as in all our trips, that you enter the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consult the file of the country to visit.



The temperature in July in Croatia ranges between 21 and 28 degrees. Being able to be a little cooler the nights in the north. We recommend you to wear a fine sweater for evenings that can be refreshed.






Croatian, although many people speak English and the person of our team that accompanies the group also speaks English.



In Croatia plugs are like in Spain.

You can consult more details in our article What do I get? where you will find information about the plugs that are used by the world.



In general, a high level of security is enjoyed throughout the country. Common criminality is scarce, although in any case it is convenient to be vigilant in the public places most frequented by the possible presence of pickpockets that are emerging in the stations, and places of greater tourism.



It is advisable to leave a 10% tip and always cash.

If you are interested in one of our trips and don’t want to run out of place, book now.
You have to make a 150€ payment and we will book you a place in the trip during the next 15 days (in case this period is not incompatible with the remaining time until the trip)



1. Click on BOOK NOW from the trip you are interested in.

2. Fill in the booking form where you will find the IBAN number to make the bank transfer.

3. In the bank transfer, indicate your name, surname and the booking code.

4. Once we receive the payment, we’ll send you an email with the booking confirmation.

When the group is formed with the minimum of travelers we’ll contact you to make the payment for 50% of the total of the trip. (The 150€ from the booking will be deducted from the amount corresponding to 50%). At this point, if required by the destination, we’ll ask you to send a copy of your passport.

5. 15 days prior to departure we’ll send the travel documentation, itinerary, air tickets in case we have issued them, travel contract and travel insurance.

6.  Let’s travel!

The trip price does not include flights.
We can arrange the air tickets for you, and have to be paid in full before being issued.
No tickets will be issued until the group is confirmed, unless the participants agree to pay the supplement in case the minimum group isn’t form.
We recommend you, as far as possible, to buy your flights in advance to get better schedules and prices.

The 50€ from the booking will be fully refundable during the 15 days of the reservation if you decide not to travel.
The 50% paid at the group confirmation will not be refundable one month prior to departure. At this time you’ll have to make the final payment.
If at this point you decided not to travel, you could still get back 50% if you gave your place to someone who is not already enrolled in the travel group.
In case you can not give your place, we will have to see in each case, with our suppliers in the destination, the services that can be canceled without expenses.
Any cancellation after paying the 50% deposit will have 100€ expenses in concept of bank and management fees.

Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.