London Travel II


Welcome to our London travel! If you have come this far it is because you are looking for a trip to know this city or a place in Europe where you can dance.

If you are here for the first reason, we can hardly say that has not been said about this city. On this trip to London, you will discover one of the most visited cities on the planet, and one of the largest in Europe. And you can also take a few steps of a dance to practis or try a new one.

If the reason you have come to this trip to London is because you are looking for a different place to dance, you have found your trip! ? We will have some classes and we will be able to enjoy dancing in another environment.

As you can see, our trips are a little away from the traditional concept of travel, we seek to complement tourism with dance, because we know that dance is happiness, it makes our mind to be distracted, generates energy and smiles.

Are you traveling alone or are you few and want to meet more people? Our trips are a meeting point for those who enjoy traveling and dancing! The group is small, so you can meet people with your same interests and with whom to continue sharing them when you return.

If you want to know more about how our trips, here, we tell you in more detail.

On this London travel, we will have eight days, so you do not miss the best attractions and corners of this city. From the famous London Eye that offers a panoramic view of the city, to take a picture in one of the famous red telephone booths that there is throughout the city.

We will not miss the chance to visit Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. We will visit Trafalgar Square, a square from which at night you will be surprised by the views, as you can see the Big Ben clock in the distance when it is illuminated, by day, it depends on the fog. We will walk by one of the most famous bridges in the world, the “Tower Bridge”. And we will get lost in the flea markets and shops of Camden Town among many other things.

Our team will accompany you to make this experience special, they will show you many places and advise you if you want to get lost in the streets of London to discover its environment.

For dance-lovers, an ideal option, not only to discover the city but also to dance in a different environment and meet people with the same interests as you.

We want you to come back home having enjoyed a unique experience!

3 August 2019 - 7 August 2019



Upon arrival at the hotel, our TravelToDance companion  will be waiting for you to check in and confirm the meeting time with the rest of the group. 

Swing night in London!!! 




Visit around the center of London, knowing the most emblematic places. We will walk through the city to see Big Ben, Bukingham Palace. London Eye and Tower Bridge, among others. 

At the end of the tour, we will return to the hotel to rest before going out to dance. 

Another night to enjoy the dancing atmosphere of London! 




In the vicinity of the hotel is the most famous park in London, Hyde Park. We will have the morning free to walk by and enjoy the outdoor London life before going to class. 

In the afternoon, we will do class and at the end we will go to enjoy a refreshing drink at a typical English pub. 




And today we finally go to Candem. Get ready to get lost in its many shops and food stalls. 

In the afternoon, we will do another dance class so you do not lose the rhythm. 

And if you still hold the body, those who want to can go dancing tonight. 




London is a very big city difficult to see in four days, but enough to let you be surprised by its charm. Depending on what time the return flights are, we will organize the day’s visit, with what we have yet to see. But if you prefer you can have the day off to enjoy the city or do some shopping. 

We will make sure you have where to store your bags if your return flight is in the afternoon. 

Return home and end trip with TravelToDance! 


*The detailed program may suffer some variation due to climatic or operational reasons. Due to these reasons, the offered services may suffer a change of day or order, but the provision of them is guaranteed whenever possible. 


Price per person in a double room for accommodation only.

Supplement per person in a single room with accommodation only: 198€



Guaranteed departure when you reach a minimum group of 6 people. In case of not reaching the minimum, you can pay a supplement to make the trip being fewer people.



3 – 7 August


* Prices may change according to the date, check the trip on the date you wish to make it.



Travel insurance.

Four nights of accommodation.

Tour of central London, Hyde Park and Candem Town.

Dance clases as mentioned in the progrma, 2 hours per class per day.



Plane tickets.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and any extra personal.

Transportation in the city. (metro, bus and / or taxi)

Any entry to monuments or touristic places or tour or nightclub entrance not described in the section includes.

Anything that is not described in the INCLUDED section.


* If you want to do a tour not mentioned in your free time, let us know and we will offer you availability and prices.

** In case you want to do more classes during free time at destination, do not hesitate to comment to be able to offer you exclusive prices-

** Due to the fluctuation of the Pound, the prices may undergo slight variations until 100% of the trip has been paid.


Passport or DNI in force. To avoid surprises, please make sure before traveling to check the expiration date.



18 years.



No vaccine is necessary.

It is recommended to travel with a European health card.

For more information we recommend, as in all our trips, that you enter the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consult the file of the country to visit.



The month of February in London the temperatures range between 8 and 1 degree. The rain is something very common in London, although they are not great storms, it can rain almost every afternoon in February, reason why it is recommended to take a raincoat or umbrella.



Pound sterling (£)






You can check our article What should I pack? where you will find information about the plugs that are used by the world.



London is a fairly safe city and it is recommended to take the necessary precautions of common sense, such as keeping your wallet and not neglecting phones or cameras.



It is usually left between 10% and 15% of the total amount as a tip.



We recommend that those who have dance shoes bring them, for the comfort that it gives to be able to dance with shoes destined for it.

If you are interested in one of our trips and don’t want to run out of place, book now.
You have to make a 150€ payment and we will book you a place in the trip during the next 15 days (in case this period is not incompatible with the remaining time until the trip)



1. Click on BOOK NOW from the trip you are interested in.

2. Fill in the booking form where you will find the IBAN number to make the bank transfer.

3. In the bank transfer, indicate your name, surname and the booking code.

4. Once we receive the payment, we’ll send you an email with the booking confirmation.

When the group is formed with the minimum of travelers we’ll contact you to make the payment for 50% of the total of the trip. (The 150€ from the booking will be deducted from the amount corresponding to 50%). At this point, if required by the destination, we’ll ask you to send a copy of your passport.

5. 15 days prior to departure we’ll send the travel documentation, itinerary, air tickets in case we have issued them, travel contract and travel insurance.

6.  Let’s travel!

The trip price does not include flights.
We can arrange the air tickets for you, and have to be paid in full before being issued.
No tickets will be issued until the group is confirmed, unless the participants agree to pay the supplement in case the minimum group isn’t form.
We recommend you, as far as possible, to buy your flights in advance to get better schedules and prices.

The 50€ from the booking will be fully refundable during the 15 days of the reservation if you decide not to travel.
The 50% paid at the group confirmation will not be refundable one month prior to departure. At this time you’ll have to make the final payment.
If at this point you decided not to travel, you could still get back 50% if you gave your place to someone who is not already enrolled in the travel group.
In case you can not give your place, we will have to see in each case, with our suppliers in the destination, the services that can be canceled without expenses.
Any cancellation after paying the 50% deposit will have 100€ expenses in concept of bank and management fees.

Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.