Colombia Trip

Dance in the Cali stages

Do you want to travel to Colombia and learn salsa caleña? If the answer is yes, this is your trip.

We are going on a route through Colombia to get to know a little bit about this wonderful country with landscapes for all tastes, we will combine interior and coast to take advantage of this route as much as possible. In the itinerary you will see details of the route we will take, but we tell you that Bogotá, the Eje Cafetero, Cali and the Colombian Caribbean with its impressive Parque Natural de Tayrona are among our list of places to visit.

In addition to traveling we will also have time to enjoy the dance, and in Cali we have prepared an intensive week to learn Salsa Caleña, or to improve if you  already dance caleña, as in all our trips, we adapt the classes to the level of the participants.

During the intensive week, in addition to the salsa classes, we will prepare a group choreography that we will have the opportunity to dance in one of the salsa venues of the city. Our dance school will be in charge of lending us costumes for the occasion, so you will need only your dancing shoes, and the girls the net tights.



We will be 6 days in Cali, where we will combine salsa classes and rehearsals, about 3 hours a day with tours  and visits around the city. We will stay in a hotel very close to the school, to be able to walk to our classes. In addition our Holtel has a pool so you can take a dip on the hottest days. As we will be staying in the neighborhood of San Antonio, very central and well located with the movida noctura, we can also enjoy the night Cali, as we will take you to know the best parties of the salsa capital.

So do not miss this opportunity to know an incredible country, for its culture, for its people, always friendly, willing and proud to show his country to travelers. A country with landscapes so different that you will be impressed.  And what better way to travel with a group of dance lovers like you, to enjoy this trip to Colombia to the fullest, we are waiting for you!

If you belong to a dance group, and you are interested in showing your choreography in Colombia, we could also program it so that in addition to the choreography of Cali prepared in the school, you can perform some night in another dance hall.

17 August 2019 - 31 August 2019



Upon your arrival at the Hotel, your TravelToDance tour leader will be waiting to welcome you and introduce you to the rest of the group you will travel to Colombia for the next 15 days.

Accommodation in Bogotá.



After breakfast we will go to Monserrat very close to the neighborhood of La Candelaria, we can walk, because the entrance is only 15-20 minutes walk from the Hotel. To climb, you can choose to do it on foot or by funicular.

In the afternoon we will take a guided tour through the historic center of the capital.

At night we will take a bus to Armenia that lasts about 7 hours, to arrive early to Salento, one of the towns of the Eje Cafetero.



When we arrive at the Hotel in Salento, we will arrange our things and have the morning free to rest. After lunch we will go to visit a coffee plantation. The plantations are about 45 minutes walking from the town, and the walk is very pleasant, so if the weather permits we can walk, but if someone prefers to do it by jeep, they usually charge about 2 €.

Accommodation in Salento.



After breakfast we will go to the central square of Salento where we will take a Jeep that will take us to the entrance of the Cocora Valley. It’s about 5-6 hours of trekking but we’ll do a few stops while we and enjoy the scenery  and take pictures. You have to bring water and a snacks or fruits, so that we do not lose energy for the climb.

Free afternoon to enjoy the town of Salento and its hand-crafts.

Accommodation in Salento.



After breakfast we will go to the bus station to take a bus to the salsa capital, it depends a bit on traffic but the journey takes about 5 hours. From Salento to Armenia, and then from there direct to Cali.

In the afternoon we will go to the Salsa school where we will have the intensive of 5 days and we will prepare our choreography and we will have our first salsa class. In addition, our teachers will indicate the class schedule for the week.

Accommodation in Cali.



We will combine our salsa classes with visits and tours of the city. There are several tours and free visits or tickets for less than 5 €, so we will take advantage of these to discover Cali. We will also climb  to the hill of Tres Cruces one day, from where there is an impressive panoramic view of the city.

Accommodation in Cali.



We will take a plane to the city of Santa Marta, it is a journey of just under 2 hours.

In the afternoon we will visit the historical center of this small colonial city and we will see the sunset from the beach.

Accommodation in Santa Marta.



After breakfast we will take a bus to Tayrona Park, you will only need a small backpack with the necessary for a couple of days, since to get to the accommodation in the park we have a two hour walk ahead, so you do not want to carry a big backpack, and forget about a wheel suitcase, impossible!

We can leave our heavier luggage at the Hotel de Santa Marta.

Accommodation in Hamaca or tent on the beach of San Juan, inside the park.



Today you have two options, stay at the beach and enjoy a relax day or climb to Pueblito, which is a Tayrona settlement in the mountains of the park.

After lunch we will make the walk back to take the bus  to Santa Marta.

Accommodation in Santa Marta.



Flight from Santa Marta to Bogota.

Accommodation in Bogotá.



You will have the day off to walk around the city, or do some shopping if you wish.

We will make sure you have where to store your bags if your return flight is in the afternoon.

Return home and end of your dance  trip with TravelToDance!


* The detailed program may suffer some variation due to climatic or operational reasons. Due to these reasons, the services offered may change day or order, but the provision of them is guaranteed whenever possible.


Minimum group of  4 people and maximum of 10. In case of not reaching the minimum, a supplement can be paid to make the trip.



Travel insurance.

Airport Transfers on arrival at Bogotá to the Hotel.

2 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast  in Bogotá.

Guided tour Bogota historical city center.

2 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast in Salento.

Guided tour to coffee plantation with tasting.

Excursion and entry fee to the Cocora Valley.

5 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast in Cali.

15 hours of intensive salsa course and participation in choreography: Includes costumes, professional makeup, photos and video.

2 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast in Santa Marta.

1 night accommodation in Hammock or tent in the Tayrona Park (subject to availability)

Entry fee to Tayrona Park.


If you want a single room, you will have a supplement of 340€ for the total of the trip.




Plane tickets

Meals, dinners or personal extras.

The transfers by bus, or internal flights.

Tickets, or drinks for the night out.

Nothing that is not described in the INCLUDES section.


* If in your free time you want to do some tour not mentioned as optional, tell us about it and we will offer you availability and prices.

** If you are interested in taking more dance classes, we can also offer you price and availability.

*** Due to the fluctuation of COP, prices may suffer slight variations until 100% of the trip has been paid.


Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and return ticket.



18 years.



No vaccine is required.

But we recommend, as in all our trips, that you enter in the web of the ministry of health. 



August is not the rainy season in Colombia, but it is always advisable to go prepared. In Bogotá and in Salento, which are mountain areas, it can refresh at night, so do not forget a jacket. In Cali and Santa Marta we expect high temperatures, so we recommend summer clothes and a swimsuit.



The Colombian peso (COP), do not accept other currencies and change in the houses and change does not come to account, so it is best to change at the airport or take out directly from the ATM.






In Colombia the plugs are of the American type with two flat legs, so you will need an adapter. 

We explain you better wich adapter do need here.



Colombia, in general terms, despite the bad reputation, is a safe destination and you will have to take the same precautions as anywhere else for common sense, such as keeping your belongings in a safe place and not leaving them unattended.

In some cities like Cali or Bogotá it is not advisable to go out alone at night, but as we will go as a group, you do not have to worry about this.



It is not mandatory to leave a tip, but in some restaurants they include it as a service in the account.



Bring comfortable clothes for your classes, keep in mind that in many dance schools will not have air conditioning, so bring clothes to change later if you normally sweat  a lot, a towel and a bottle of water.

You will need dance shoes for the choreography and for girls, also dance tights. In the classes you can alternate them with sports shoes if you prefer, although it is recommended that you practice with your salsa shoes.


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1. Click on BOOK NOW from the trip you are interested in.

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5. 15 days prior to departure we’ll send the travel documentation, itinerary, air tickets in case we have issued them, travel contract and travel insurance.

6.  Let’s travel!

The trip price does not include flights.
We can arrange the air tickets for you, and have to be paid in full before being issued.
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We recommend you, as far as possible, to buy your flights in advance to get better schedules and prices.

The 150€ from the booking will be fully refundable during the 15 days of the reservation if you decide not to travel.
The 50% paid at the group confirmation will not be refundable one month prior to departure. At this time you’ll have to make the final payment.
If at this point you decided not to travel, you could still get back 50% if you gave your place to someone who is not already enrolled in the travel group.
In case you can not give your place, we will have to see in each case, with our suppliers in the destination, the services that can be canceled without expenses.
Any cancellation after paying the 50% deposit will have 100€ expenses in concept of bank and management fees.

Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.Air ticket cancellation will always depend on the airline terms and conditions and not from TravelToDance.
For any clarification about the booking process, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.