Priscila Santos Interview

Priscila Santos interview, dancer and salsa teacher.

Priscila Santos, one of our teachers in the SBK trips to Madrid, answers some questions and gives us some tips about her city.

She is not only a teacher, Priscila is a great dancer with a fantastic career, she has benn dancing her whole life(as she says) and dominates many disciplines of dance, she began her training as a lyrical and modern jazz dancer and expanded her knowledge to other disciplines such as ballet, contemporary or even flamenco.

She has worked in various cruises and hotels on the Mediterranean coast, and was a dancer at “Parque España” in Japan, so in addition to dancing she has also traveled a lot, and that is because our beloved Pris is from Brazil and although she now resides in Madrid, she already has a long international trajectory.

In Madrid she starts to practice salsa on line, and in a very short time, thanks to her talent and training, she  stand out along with her dance partner Sergio Alvarez. They won  two-times the  Spanish championship “Spain Salsa Masters”, and as a dancer in a girls’ duo, she twice wins the “La Negra” world championship, along with her partner Vanessa Testas.

First place in the Pasos Libres La Negra Salsa  World Championship in 2016, with Vanessa Testas.


Tell us what classes you teach in Madrid

Within the Latin dances I teach salsa classes online, sensual bachata, girl style, mambo. In addition, I teach funky, pre-dance and pilates.


For people who do not know salsa on 1, can you tell us a little more?

The  salsa on 1 is a rhythm that is danced a lot here in Spain and also known as ‘Los Angeles style’, which became very famous thanks to a famous dancer named Jhony Vazquez (among many others). The girl dances on time 1 stepping on her back and the boy goes forward, besides there are also other styles and ways of dancing salsa, the mambo or new york style that is dancing on 2, or the puerto rico style … without forgetting of course the Cuban salsa, caleña, etc …

In the end it’s all salsa!


How long have you been dancing Salsa?

I’ve been dancing salsa for 9 years.


What dance brings  to your life? How would you convince people to come and try your classes?

It brings me EVERYTHING, because I have been dancing all my life and it brings me happiness, above all, among many other positive things. I would convince people to come to my classes, with that reason, the dance, I always say it, it’s like a therapy, and any kind of person, whatever their age is doing well. Because you get distracted, have a good time and forget a little bit about any type of problem you may have and also exercise.


What do you think about the idea of ​​traveling and dancing, and what would be your salsa destination?

Well, I think it’s a phenomenal idea, no no, I think it’s a great idea… I think it’s the perfect combination, because you can afford to go to any destination, and also know the place, so dance, that’s what you do to organize the tourist destinations of the dance.

My favorite salsa destinations I believe will be New York and Cuba.


Tell as some tips if we travel to Madrid. What is your favorite place to dance salsa in the capital?

The Mitty Cats Room, because I also work there, but above all, not because I work there, but because it is a mythical room that has been open for 25 years with a salsa session. They started out being very little and nowadays it is a room that works every Sunday, although it does not matter or whatever happens, there are people dancing on Sundays from 8-9 at night until 1 am. So I would recommend people to visit this room because it is the most typical.

There is a very good place that is also quite old that is called Sala Pincel, it is not found in Madrid, it is in Pozuelo de Alarcón, but it is a very good place for those who like real salsa. So Saturday Pincel and Sunday Cats.

There is also another sala, in case you are in Madrid during the week, they open from Wednesday to Friday, called The Host, and they play salsa and bachata.

In addition, there are salsa people here in Madrid who are organizing small parties during the day, in typical markets, with open sessions for everyone, and it is pure salsa.

And also some monthly parties organized by some DJ’s in Madrid, and they tend to be in the evenings, this is where people who love salsa very much.

Performance at the Benidorm Salsa Congress with Sergio Alvarez. Choreography winner of the first place in the Spain Salsa Master 2016.


Can we follow you on social media?

Yes, you can find me like Sergio y Priscila on Facebook and Instagram.


If you live in Madrid do not hesitate to try one of their classes, super recommendable, and if not, you can also come to one of our SBK trips to the capital to take classes with her and enjoy a unique experience with more dance lovers!

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