Tenerife Carnival 2020

We have one of the best carnivals in the world  and you can not miss it. This year we go to Santa Cruz to enjoy the great Carnival of Tenerife 2020 and participate in the Coso Apotheosis parade as a component in one of the local groups.  As you can see, our trips are a little away from the traditional concept of travel, we seek to complement tourism with dance, because we know that dance is happinesss, it makes our mind to be distracted, generates energy and smiles.  Are you traveling alone or are you few and want to meet more people?  Our trips are a meeting point for those who enjoy traveling and dancing! The group is small, so you can meet people with your same interests and with whom to continue sharing them when you […]

Berlin weekend

Come to enjoy this Berlin weekend trip, let us guide you and show you the best of the city without having to worry about the map. It’s an intense weekend, get ready to walk a lot, dance a lot, and have a great time, you will have Monday to rest your feet. Berlin is an […]