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We love this city and we want to tell you why so you can join one of our trips to NYC, because it is one of those cities that you have to see at least once in a lifetime, and that will not leave you indifferent.

New York can be visited at any time of the year, because there is always something to do. Some people prefer to visit in winter, especially Christmas lovers or the madness for Christmas shopping, and is one of those cities that you can definitely do that. It may snow, it is usual to expect the first snowfall in the city in December, and the xmas preparations begin as early as November, so it is quite likely that if you go at this time you can take a picture with the giant Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeler Center.

In addition, the ice skating rink in Central Park, Wallman Rink, is open from October to April, and you can rent skates to feel like the king of the track. It is one of the most emblematic in the city center, and the cheapest one. If you are not very good in this, we advise you to take waterproof clothes, or a change for later, since you will probably spend a lot of time on the floor, temperatures in NYC are quite low in winter, and you will not like to continue walking around with wet pants.

But if you don’t  like the cold, spring or summer are fantastic times to enjoy the city, and try to walk around. Although, you will become super fan of the metrocard, if you have time, our advice for New York is to get lost in its streets, avenues and streets are numbered, so it is very easy to move around, but the distances are long. But be sure, that the best of the city is what is far from the tourist areas, so you will feel like a New Yorker.

And for dance lovers like us, what brings us to the city of Broadway, is the passion for dancing. We will give you the best options of classes and schools depending on the period you visit the city. The dance academies in New York are amazing, they tend to be in one of those towering buildings, and not in low ones. For example the well know Broadway Dance Center has 3 floors, and if you want to visit the school, you can see some of the classes, it is impressive.

No matter the discipline of dance practices, in NYC there is every dance. City of musicals and theaters, you cannot miss seeing at least one. The stage is incredible, because the musicals are residents in that theater for  all the period that the show is running. So the montage in the stage is superior, since doesn’t have to be moving it around. Dancers, singers and actors will delight you with their magnificent performances.

There are many schools, and there is high level training, so the result is reflected on stage, it is an honor to be able to enjoy these professionals from the musicals world.

To get cheap tickets, we’ll give you another tip. Unless you have special interest in seeing a particular musical, in that case it is best to look for tickets online in advance. If you really are a lover of musicals, and you do not care what to see, it is enough that it is a new one that you have not seen yet. There are several last minute sales offices, but we’ll tell you what we think is the most convenient. In Time Square, in the middle of the square, there is a last minute sales office, which sells tickets for the same day. Do not be scared by the queue, it’s very fast. You have to know which one you want to buy, because they will not answer type of questions, like how much is this one or this other one, that’s why the queue is fast. There are screens where you can see the price of tickets for musicals and theather. And when you get to the box office you buy the one that best suits your pocket and your interest.

To go out at night, depending on the type of music or in our case of the type of dance, there are many options, remember that New York is the city that never sleeps. In our trips TravelToDance, we are ready to take you to the best parties, it depends on what you want to dance and dates, but do not worry, we know where to go.

Some tips to pack, although they seem quite obvious, is that you take in consideration the weather, do not underestimate neither the cold nor the heat, the temperatures in NYC can be extreme, and you will like to go with appropriate clothes. And super important footwear, in New York you will walk a lot, you can do an average of 20km a day without realizing it, so bring comfortable footwear to walk.

To go out dancing at night, you can dress as you feel comfortable, it is not a mandatory dress code.

Are you already planning your trip? Well buy the ticket as soon as possible, no matter what time you go, if you buy your ticket with time, you can find it quite well priced, because there are many airlines that flight to NYC from all over the world. Do not believe in last minute sales, airlines do not take cheaper flights when the date approaches, but quite the opposite. If you are not very good at finding flights, we can help you find tickets.

If you have more questions about our trips to New York. Ask us and we will be happy to answer!

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