Lockers in the Tayrona Park and more

Undoubtedly, the Tayrona National Park is one of the best places to visit in Colombia, it was my favourite park in this fantastic country and that is why is in our itinerary on our trip next summer.

The Tayrona National Park  is located in the norh of Colombia, about 34 km from Santa Marta, on the caribeean cost. It owes its name to the tayrones, natives who lived in this area.

You will find more articles about the Park, and probably even more complete, but in this one, I want to share with you a doubt that arose before going, and that I did not find the information in any blog. Yes there are lockers in Tayrona park!

And I tell you why it is important, and more tips about the park.


How to get there

From Santa Marta there are buses that leave every hour, it is advisable to leave early because it takes about an hour to the entrance in Zaino, the bus leaves you at the entrance of the Park.


Lockers at the entrance of Tayrona park

Just opposite of the Zaino entrace there are a couple of restaurants, for 6000 COP (€ 1.70 approx) a day they keep your suitcase. It is important that you only enter the park with a small backpack that does not weigh much because you will have  two walk about two hours  the first place with accommodation.

Or if you want to do it on the day, then with more reason not to carry things you do not need. I recommend at least sleep one night in the park because if you do it in a single day, you have to take into account that at 6 o’clock in the afternoon they close and you will not be able to leave, besides that it gets dark very early and it is not advisable because othe wild  animals to walk through the park at nightfall.


Tickets fees

The entrance to the park costs 56,000 COP (€ 16 approx) and you can buy them at the door or on the park’s website. It is valid to enter once, regardless of how many days you are going to be inside, another reason to stay at least a couple of days. In addition to the entry you will pay a mandatory daily insurance, which costs about 6,000 COP.



You have three places to sleep inside the park:

Cabo San Juan

Costs 40,000 COP per person, in hammock or tent with mattress, non-negotiable and if you take your own store they charge almost the same, so it is not worth  it to carry your own tent all the way there.

Free camping is not allowed, and if you happen to put your tent on the beach, the security of the area comes to kick you out in very bad manners. I witnessed how a couple who put their tent nearby on the beach of Cabo San Juan were asked to live.

Playa Arrecife

If you see that you do not get to Cabo San Juan, this campground is closer to the entrance but the beaches are not as pretty as those of Cabo San Juan and in some swimg is not allowed because there are many current.

It also costs 40,000 COP per person. (€ 12 approx)

Camping Don Pedro

It is at the height of Playa Arrecife but inland, it is the cheapest option, the hammock costs 30,000 COP (€ 8.50 approx) and the restaurant has better prices than the other two campsites , but you have to go by day because the road is literally in the middle of the jungle, and if you go at night you can not see anything and it is easy to get lost.



Since there are restaurants in the two main camps of the park, the food is quite expensive compared to Colombia, it is not that it is priceless, but they triple the price of what you normally pay outside the park.

What is excessive is the sale of water bottles, and the water in the park is not potable, so try carry a couple of liters at least.

In addition, you will need them for the walk, and here you will not find where to buy, although sometimes there are some indigenous who sell coconut water or orange juice on the road.

Even so, although it is one of the most expensive areas of Colombia, It is a beautiful place and very well preserved and well taken care of, so I recommend you visit it if you are in Colombia or that you come with us to our next trip and you will not have to worry about anything, not even for leaving your luggage in the lockers of the Tayrona park  entrance.

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