Interview to Neelam Suman, from Less is More charity dance project

LESS IS MORE is a dance initiative created by Neelam Kumari Suman. It’s a dance experience dedicated to women to empower and inspire their dance journey through simple and elegant choreography with other artists and dancers from around the world. The aim of the project is for all the women who join the group to learn a choreography created and taught also by womem.

This year it will take place in Lisbon, and as we know some of you have lots of questions about it, we have a chat with Neelam to tell us more about this nice iniciative.


  1. Hi Neelam, tell us how long have you been doing this project?

I have been teaching and dancing  Kizomba since 2006 within the UK and overseas. I did move to Canada in 2014 to help grow and teach the Kizomba scene in Vancouver. Upon my return in the UK in 2017 I then decided to launch the Less Is More project. This will be the third event this year. It’s a yearly event at the moment as I have other local teaching commitments. The hope is to subsequently organise two events in a year in other exotic European locations.


  1. How many women participated last year.? And how many you expect to participate this year in Lisbon?

For the past 2 events I’ve had 80 participants and my projection for this year should be between 40-50 ladies. Hopefully with an increasing in advertisements and cooperations from companies like yours I should be able to hit this years projection, if not more.

The is based on other factors like feedbacks and recommendations from the past participates.

I’m also exploring the possibilities of including future Less Is More boat rides in sunny destinations and local history and food/wine tasting for an even better fun experience.


  1. Which is the charity you raise money for?

I am currently a supporter of various charity organisations. The Macmillan Cancer Support has benefited more from my services and contributions. As someone who  have lost family and friends due to cancer, it’s just natural that I give all the help I can and join forces with others to fight this disease. However, I am hoping this project will generate more income for me to try and promote other charities that I am also interested in supporting.


  1. Tell us abit more about the choreography?

So, let’s start by saying there will be dance rehearsals of Kizomba, Semba and African tribal dance genre by well experienced female artists, dance video recording and interactive seminars.

Day one will concentrate on the introduction of artists/instructors to the participates and vice versa. This will also include an introduction into a short but simple choreography with a video shootings. This exercise will be repeated on day 2 and 3. The evenings will be concentrated on seminars for a few hours with experienced guest speakers on  motivation, , testimonies from cancer survivors, dancers who will be sharing their experiences and knowledge they have acquired on the dance scene. Day 4 which is the final day , will be reserved for partying and more interactions amongst the participants and artists at a reputable dance club that plays Kizomba music.


  1. And finally, some tips, your favourite place in Lisbon?

There are so many places I love in Lisbon, from Sinatra, to Belem, to Expo, to Colombo to the beautiful beaches in Cascias and Sintra all within Lisbon area. These places offer, nice weather, pristine beaches, great food, beautiful restaurants and are crime free, which is more safer for an only women event like mine. In general the hospitality and people in these above mentioned areas makes them one of the best places I have so far visited in all of my travels.


So ladies, hope you have enough information now to join us on this event Less Is More in Lisbon.

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