Interview Leonor and Raquel Bollywood

Last week we had the opportunity to meet these girls who teach Bollywood classes in Barcelona. A discipline that little by little have more followers, and is that the truth is a very fun dance. We discovered Leonor and Raquel Bollywood thanks to social networks, and that is why we wanted to interview them, so they can tell us a little more about this dance, and that more people are encouraged to practice it.

An Andalusian and a Catalan girls who have come together to share their passion for dancing, and to spread it to all their students and followers.


TTD: Tell us a wich classes you have here in Barcelona.
Raquel: We have BOLLYWOOD classes for all ages and levels, including BOLLYKIDS, our proposal for the little ones. We also give KATHAK FUSION classes where we work the technical basis of this classic dance from the north of India to create new fusions with Bollywood songs and other Hindustani music.
And we also offer BOLLYFIT, a Bollywood format more aerobic for those who want classes full of energy without stopping.


TTD: For people who do not know the Bollywood dance, can you tell us a little more about what it consists of?
Leonor: Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world, with its origins in Bombay, India. His films have a strong musical character, and in our Bollywood classes we use these songs from these films to create very varied choreographies, since the dances of Bollywood house many different styles, such as folklore from India, modern dances, or with influences of classical dances from India.


TTD: How long have you been dancing Bollywood?
Leonor: We have been dancing different dance styles since we were little, but together, we have been dancing Bollywood for 5 years, and as a duo, Leonor and Raquel Bollywood, we started 1 year ago. We also studied and danced Kathak, a classical dance from northern India, since 2016 and 2014 respectively.


TTD: What does the dance bring in your life? How would you convince people to come and try your classes?
Raquel: For us the dance began as a form of leisure, a way to have fun with friends, to meet new people with whom to share this hobby.
Now it has become our passion and our profession, and we try to transmit to our students the same joy and enthusiasm that made us want to dedicate ourselves one day to it.


TTD: What do you think about the idea of ​​traveling and dancing, and what place would be the ideal trip to dance Bollywood?
Leonor: I love the idea because and I will be a client for sure, to have the possibility to continue dancing in my trips would be great and I would definitely aim anywhere.

Raquel: I would like to go to India to dance Bollywood of course, I would aim for sure.


TTD: In addition to India, which is where the roots of Bollywood are located, another place you advise us to go to practice it.
Leonor: Nowadays, thanks to social networks, we know dancers from India all over the world and the truth is that there are many places that I would go to and take advantage of to take classes.


TTD: And finally tell us where can we find you.
Raquel: We have our YouTube channel as Leonor and Raquel Bollywood, also you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, and can contact us by email at danzaindiabarcelona@gmail.com

Here we leave another video  with their students. And you, do you want to try this dance?



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