Destinos danza del vientre

Destinations to dance belly dance.

Today we are going to talk about this ancient dance that has its origin in Egypt, where they danced in the temples, to ask for human and earth fertility at the same time that it was used as adoration to the gods.

Later, with the Arab and Ottoman invasion, its origin was distorted to start dancing as a show to get the favors of the sultans and sheikhs.

Today, it is a dance that is very widespread all over the world and that anyone can practice and enjoy.

It is traditionally danced barefoot and with dresses with coins, veils, and other accessories that make this type of dance so beautiful.

Today we highlight 4 destinations where you can enjoy the belly dance show, take classes with local teachers and get to know the place.


Egypt – Cairo

Egypt is undoubtedly the cradle of the Belly Dance, and specifically the cities of Cairo and Luxor.

Egyptian dancers and dancers are considered among the best in the world, as is the case of Randa Kamel, Dandasha and Ragia Hassan.

Egypt is a magical country where we can not only enjoy dancing, but also discover an important part of the history of our world, be fascinated with the pyramids and how the Egyptians lived in their time.

And we can not stop walking around the bazaars to buy all kinds of clothes and accessories for our belly dance class.



In Turkey we should not be surprised to see that it is not only women who dance belly dance. It is very common that men also go out in shows and be teachers of this type of dance. The Turkish style of belly dancing is more carefree and cheerful than Egyptian. The costumes of the dancers are distinguished by their fringed sashes, their transparencies and their skirts with large openings.

As it happens with Egypt, in Turkey we can not miss the capital, Istanbul, where we can see and know the Muslim and Ottoman culture, the spectacular blue mosque and its great bazaar where we will find everything we can imagine and where we will have to take our ingenuity to negotiate with the bargainers par excellence!

The second zone par excellence is the Cappadocia, an area that marvels for its so different landscape and the constructions of the houses. The most magical thing is to be able to admire the capadocia from the air in a balloon during the dawn, an experience that does not leave anyone indifferent.



If there is a destination that is fashionable because of all that Marrakech offers. And in Marrakech we can not only walk through the souk, get lost in the medina, go to a hamam, go to the desert and ride a camel or sleep in haima. We can also enjoy shows and belly dance classes with local teachers who put all the art and sensuality imaginable.



Jordan is a special, magical country. If something is known Jordan is the ruins of Petra, a must-see if we go to Jordan, as well as take a swim and float in the Dead Sea. But another of the things that are forced for us is to enjoy belly dancing class with great teachers in Aman and liven up the night with one of the many shows that the city offers. And from what we have seen, we are not the only ones, the actress Blanca Suárez also received a belly dance class during her visit to Jordan with Planeta Calleja and Jesús Calleja.


Do you dare to travel to one of these destinations to dance belly dance? Do you know any other fantastic place to dance belly dance? Leave us in the comments!

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