Carnaval de Tenerife


Because we are passionate about traveling and dancing, we went to the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but not to just look and take pictures from the side. We went to dance in the Coso Apoteosis parade with a local comparsa.

In this article we tell you about our this dance trip with detail, well, not all the details, some of us keep them for those who were there ūüėČ

The first day, Saturday of Carnival, each traveldancer arrived at the apartment at different times, we got together from different parts of  Spain and we even had an Italian girl who was encouraged to come.

We stayed in an apartment in the center of Santa Cruz, next to one of the main stages of the carnival. The location could not be better, as some tourist said, it’s¬† good to go to the¬† toilet¬† night (because as you can imagine the queues to go to the bathroom in a party where thousands of people gather are endless)

The first night we went to see the Rhythm and Harmony parade, because our comparsa participated in the contest, and there were also third parties. About three hours watching the best parades of  Tenerife island, from children to adults, all with an energy and joy that made you dance and live the parade, even as a spectator, but to give us more and more desire for the arrival of Tuesday and be able to live it from inside.

It is a true spectacle to enjoy a costume and dance show, and we can not forget the role of the batucadas, because as dancers music is very important, and having a batucada playing live is incredible.

As a general advice to watch the parades at the Carnival, get there early to get a good spot at the front row and see it well.

On Sunday we went for a walk around Santa Cruz, to know the center, failed attempt to visit Cesar Manrique Maritime Park because at carnival they empty the pools. After the morning walk we went to enjoy the fantastic Canarian gastronomy near the Municipal Market.

In the afternoon we disguised ourselves again to go down to the day carnival as we had the stage so near the apartment, and we were dancing and laughing until 7 o’clock that we went down to Candelaria to rehearse with our comparsa for Sunday. What took us the longest was to try the headdresses, believe me if I tell you that dancing with that in the head has a lot of merit, they weigh a lot, and if you are not accustomed it’s a bit hard at first … then with the glitter rush you forget.


The choreographer of the comparsa taught us the steps that are dance in the parades, basically following the rhythm of the batucada, and varying the steps on the site with many trips.

On Monday we went on a trip to Teide, we were very lucky because it was a great sunny day, and we even got a little tan. We went up though La Laguna and went down through the Orotaba Valley, we visited the Teide Museum where they told us about the formation of the Canary Islands and the evolution of the volcano over the years until today.

We climbed the peak of Mount Teide by cable car and could enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

We rest a little after the Teide excursion. In the evening, our Italian participant Francesca made us a yummy¬† carbonara, we had dinner at home, a few glasses, improvised dance floor in the lounge, pirate costumes, rum (it came with the costume) … and enjoy the longest carnival night of the week, great athmosphere, lots of people, dance and laughs.

And the BIG DAY arrived, we went down to dress up and make up at the rehearsal place of our comparsa in Candelaria, the members of the comparsa received us as one of the group, and we must bear in mind that it is one of the most numerous comparsas and that has 110 participants between dancers and batucada. They helped us with the costumes, makeup and especially the headdresses, which is a whole world to put your head in there, and not to move.

After we all went back together on the bus to Santa Cruz, we had to parade in the first area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe line, after the first float, so basically we headed the parade. At 4 o’clock our batucada began to sound and the parade of the Coso Apotheosis began, forty minutes dancing without stop to the rhythm of our batucada. The experience was incredible, the applause, the shouts and the amount of people who come to enjoy the carnival and to enjoy watching you parade. It was short, despite the heat, the headdresses and shoes! With the glitter rush we forgot everything, and when we finished the parade we wanted to start over.

The way back home and without the headdresses was an odyssey, people from all over the world stopped us to take pictures, our minute of fame, and we took a 15 minute tour over an hour, but it was fun.

At night, the last dinner and bed time. To be honest it was a few intense days and we were quite tired, but we enjoyed it to the fullest. Now we are counting the days to return to parade at the Carnival of Tenerife in 2020!

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