Bailar y viajar. Travel and dance

Dance and travel… it’s a lifestyle

If you are one of those who postpone dinners to not miss your dance classes, and of those  that when you know your  holidays, you already have a list of destinations to go, you are one of ours!

For some people, travel and dance is not just a hobby or a passion, it’s a lifestyle!


The dance of happiness, among many other things.

It is said that people who grow up dancing are happier, de-stressed and smart.

It takes discipline, perseverance and physical aptitude to become a great professional dancer, but you only need passion and desire to dance, and that is achievable for everyone.

Behind the elegance of a dancer, there is also a training, each at the level you have chosen. But how do we get upset when our friends tell us that we do not do anything in dance classes. But they don’t know, that we probably sweat and burn more calories than them, and that we also do it with a smile. The next  one that tells you that dancing is not a sport, invite him/her to a dance class.

In addition, dancing eases tensions and promotes creativity and the symbols of psychology that you like to dance more. And there are even methods such as psychodanza, which use techniques of corporal expression, where dance is used as a means of communication and therapy.

And the good thing is that it’s never too late to start dancing.

We are left with a phrase from the writer Vicki Baum: “There are shortcuts for happiness, and dancing is one of them”


Travel also brings you happiness and knowledge.

For those of us who like to travel, we do not miss the opportunity when we have free time to choose a next destination. Whether to go hiking half a hour from your home, or take a plane and cross the pond to explore other continents.

It is curious that at school we did not get to learn the capitals, and now we do not stop looking at the map of the world to choose a new destination and mark where we have already been. And we do not just point out the capitals, but a lot of places to go, and if in one of our trips we get lost and find a town that is not even the map, much better!

And we love to know new places, other cultures and traditions and enjoy the landscapes that we are finding around the world. Traveling, like dancing, also makes us escape from the daily stress, disconnect and return with the batteries charged to daily life.

In addition, traveling you will learn how the world works and its people at first hand. And it’s something that you have to experience, because you can not teach it in a class.

And you, do you also think that travel and dance are your way of life? Where do you want to go next?

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