About us

We are an online travel agency that takes you to dance around the world.

TravelToDance was born from the passion for travel and dance. The founders, Ruth and Marta, are two backpackers that had met in a non-very touristic island in Thailand, in one of our trips as solo travelers. Since then, we are not only connected for our passion for travel, indeed, we share our passion for dance too. We have shared information about places and where to take dance classes to enjoy our trips.

With this project, we want to share with you our experiences dancing around the world. We like to discover new places and enjoy their way and life rhythm. That´s why we ask to all the future traveltodancers,  to come to the trips with an open mind, because most of the times, the best part of the trip it is not planned!

From our experience, we know that some destination can surprise you while you are there, our itinerary and visits can be readapted if all the group agree, either before we leave or during the trip.It doesn’t matter if you travel alone, with your partner or with a group, we will organize the trip for small groups, to get the best experience, we will be between 15 to 20  people.Don´t worry about your dance level, we will have classes for all levels.


Traveling by profession and heart, I enjoy discovering new places, people and meals of the world. I dance because it makes me happy. A song, four basic steps, your partner smile….and let’s dance!


Dancer since always and until my body stands. Traveler since I try my first trip and I could not stop. I love to discover new places, learn new dance styles and keep practicing the ones I know. The best part of a trip: the surprise moment!

From TravelToDance we want to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism as far as we can. That’s why in our trips we look for local accommodation, we run away from the big hotel chains (unless is no other way). Our accommodations will depend a lot on each destination, sometimes it will be hotels, other times B&B, guesthouses or local houses. But no doubt: we will live incredible experiences!

We like to travel with small groups. We offer not only an itinerary, also an experience.  We will travel with people with whom to share the trip and anecdotes, you will start the trip with strangers and you will end up traveling with friends with whom you will then continue to dance the world.

Our group will be a maximum of 20 people. We only accept larger groups when you are already a  formed group and ask for a specific trip

Carrying on with our philosophy of responsible tourism, we offer the best unique experience to our travelers. The classes will be with local teachers, and the night out to local bars, where is not common to find tourist.

As we know is lots of you, dancers with different levels, when the trip is confirm, we will take care of all levels of the dancers to adapt the classes

In TravelToDance we are travelers and that’s why we will avoid to go to dance congresses. Our trips are base in the idea to get to know the place, the culture,  the emblematic and hidden spots, and to have time to enjoy some classes and to party when we feel like it.

To provide a 100% TravelToDance experience, someone from our team will be always with you. Our team are not local guides, but expert travelers that know well the destination. We will make your trip enjoyable as you won’t need to worry about anything.

For all the members of our dancing family we have two loyalty programs:

  • 20€ gift to use on your next trip. Once you have returned from your trip with us, you will receive an email with a code to exchange on your next trip with a discount of 20€. The validity of the code is one year from the date of return of the trip and cannot be combined with other promotions.


  • Who has a friend has a 20€ discount. If you have already made a trip with us and you are thinking of repeating, if you bring a friend you will have 20€ discount on your next dancing trip. You can accumulate 20€ for each friend you bring to one of our trips advertised on the web, up to a maximum of 5 friends (100€ discount). This promotion is not combinable with other promotions nor applicable in custom made trips.

We are passionate about designing and customizing each of the trips you request. To do this, we invest our time in contacting the best professionals in each destination, to offer something local. We develop a travel program that allows you to know everything you want in the time you have and with a budget adjusted to your needs.

That is why we put all our love to each project and it is unique for those who ask us, we do it as if it were for ourselves.

In recent years there has been a practice that we do not share, in which there are people who ask for estimates from various agencies and from several destinations and then travel on their own.

We greatly value the effort of our team to offer something unique to each traveler and that is why we charge 25€ for the development of each proposal, offering a maximum of 2 routes and 3 hotels in each proposal.

Once the trip is confirmed, those 25€ will be discounted from the total price.

This means that if you are really traveling with us, your proposal will not cost of money, but if you want to get an itinerary to take you to the competition or use it on your own it will cost you 25€.

(for groups of more than 20 people or with different requests, we will give you the price of the proposal at the moment you contact us)