500 aniversario de La Habana


On November 16, 2019 is commemorated the 500th anniversary of Havana, so we are going to enjoy the celebrations of this historic moment.

Five centuries of history since the city of Havana was inaugurated back in 1519. A multi ethnic city , San Cristóbal de la Habana was enriched by the multitude of different citizens from many parts of the world. From the Spanish, English or French conquerors who passed by, African slaves, Chinese … a rich cultural, religious diversity and endless skin tones and eye color, and Cubans are the clear example of mestizaje and the beauty of mixtures.

That’s why Cuban culture is so rich, because the mix of so many different ethnic groups grew interconnected, learning from each other and unifying beliefs instead of separating them. The Cuban saints, for example, are a neo-African religious tradition that developed in the Caribbean. It is based on the religion of the Yoruba people, who come from Africa and who developed in the colonial period during the periods of slavery. That is why today in Cuba the Yoruba and Catholic religion co-exist during the Spanish colonization.

The Orishas of the Cuban religion have their equivalence in the catholic religion in the saints. For example, Obatalá would be like the Virgin of the Mercedes, Ochun is the Virgin of the Charity of the Copper and Elegguá makes reference to San Antonio de Padua . We could continue listing Orishas and Santos, since all of them looked for the connection.

And for all this, because it is a multicultural nation, for its ancestors, its history that is still different today, from the few communist countries standing, and because Havana is always worth visiting, we are going to celebrate the 500th anniversary of this incredible city in a country that will not leave you indifferent. Every corner of the city testifies to the 500 years of history that will be celebrated next November. A way to remind its citizens of the existing cultural wealth, considered one of the most complete in the world in its different variants and is that CUBA IS CULTURE!


Most of the celebrations take place in the week before the anniversary date, it will be a month full of street parties, dance music and constant celebrations.

  • International Fair of Havana
  • International Music Festival of Havana
  • Sports Festival
  • Marhabana Race.
  • Serenatas Habaneras
  • Economic, cultural and social events.
  • Gala concert of the Saint Petersburg Ballet in honor of the celebration of the Saint Petersburg days in Havana. And exhibition of historical photographs between the two cities.
  • Special Ceremony “El Templete”.
  • The eve of the anniversary: ​​Noche Habanera, shows in 5 areas on the Malecón. Main stage in La Punta.


So if you want to visit Cuba, and do not miss this event, join our group and celebrate the 500th anniversary of Havana with us, we are waiting for you!

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