Libros para viajeros. Books for travelers

Books for travelers

If there is something we like to do when we are traveling, it is reading, in the short moments, in long stretches of transportation, relaxing on the beach, on the terrace in the morning while we wait for the group to have breakfast, there are so many moments I can think of… that today I want to recommend books for travelers to fill those moments of adventure ?


I’ll start with two books for travelers that place their protagonists in the well-known city of New York:

  • Manhattan 45 by Jan Morris. One of the great authors of travel books, takes us to know the life of the big apple at the end of the Second World War. In its pages we will discover a living and very intense city, quite the opposite of how Europe was in that same time.


  • New York, New York by Javier Reverte. After winning the novel Lara award, the author decided to spend 3 months in the autumn walking around the city, and from there came another of the books for travelers that I recommend today. Written as a diary, whoever reads it accompanies the author in his daily walk through the big apple and the discovery of jazz.


And from New York we go to Morocco with the following books for travelers:

  • The sheltering sky by Paul Bowles. It was in Tangier that the author lived most of his life. This novel, with autobiographical touches, tells the life of a couple through the sands of the Sahara. A book that will dazzle lovers of North Africa.


  • Desert by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio. In this book for travelers you will find a very descriptive, detailed and simple novel, which through the ancestors of Lalla takes us to discover the history of the warriors of the desert when facing the French army.


The following books for travelers that I propose take us back to the American continent, but this time to one of its most paradisiacal islands, full of life and culture, Cuba. A series of police novels, whose protagonist is the detective Mario Conde, a fictional character created by Leonardo Padura, a great writer who takes us to Cuba in his novels. Each of the novels tells us a new adventure of this detective, a policeman who would have liked to be a writer, lover of beautiful women and good Cuban food. An educated, intelligent, good and noble man who lives sad imagining a past that never existed. Reading Leonardo Padura in this police series will allow us to know Havana, the one we do not see in the brochures, but in which Havana residents live.

The order in which I am going to mention the books for travelers is in which they were written by the author:

  • Havana Blue by Leonado Padura.
  • Havana Gold by Leonado Padura.
  • Havana Red by Leonado Padura.
  • Havana Black by Leonado Padura.
  • Adiós, Hemingway by Leonado Padura.
  • Havana Fever by Leonado Padura.
  • La cola de la serpiente by Leonado Padura.
  • Heretics by Leonado Padura.


We can know a little more of the American continent with another one of the books for travelers that I liked the most, and that takes place in the beautiful Costa Rica.

  • Pura Vida by José María Mendiluce: I could not have a better name, not only because it is one of the most used phrases in the country, but also because of the message that the book gives us. It came to my hands recommended by a good friend, Laura, on my return from Costa Rica, and reading it was like coming back to enjoy the country, its people and its culture. In this novel you will find a love story with overwhelming passions and in a place in the world where life does not respect any rule.

And we continue jumping from continent with our books for travelers. The next book takes us to Italy, India and Indonesia.

  • Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is possible that many of you have seen the film starring Julia Roberts based on the book. Whether you have seen it or not, I recommend reading this book, we already know that movies never do justice to books.

A book that will take you to live the emotion of letting go, of getting lost to meet again.


I could continue recommending books for travelers, but I’ll leave it here for today. Maybe one day not too far away I’ll get the second part of books for travelers, for the moment, do you recommend me some? Can you help me grow this list of books for travelers?

Leave me a comment with one of your favorite books for travelers so I can read it ?

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