7 destinos salseros TravelToDance

7 salsa destinations TravelToDance

  1. CUBA

Although you have no idea of ​​the world of dancing, if someone said Cuba, you automatically relate it to salsa, music and well … mojitos too.

The salsa has its origin in the mixture of the Cuban son with the jazz and the American music of the 60’s. In Cuba, it was called casino, because this was the place where it was danced, and that is where the name came from.

Come and discover the roots of salsa, enjoying the best Cuban rhythms. In addition, we will take you to discover a little piece of this beautiful island, our trip combines incredible landscapes and paradisiac beaches, so you do not miss anything.



Another great salsa destination per excellence, for those who dance line, or for those who want to learn. Another Caribbean island full of charm, with beaches paradisiacal beaches and also with a big salsa atmosphere and places where to go dancing.

The Puerto Rican immigrants based in New York were in charge of creating what we know as salsa line. But do not worry that they did not leave all, there are many salseros on the island of Puerto Rico and they have incredible parties.



The city that never sleeps is a fascinating place, because of its great diversity and personality, and because there are attractions for all tastes. And in the world of dance is not for less, everything is danced here, you can find any dance style in the many schools in New York.

But what interests our salsa friends is to know if they  can dance, of course they  can dance, and all the styles of salsa. But as many of you know, there is New York style itself. So in most of places in Manhattan and surrounding is common to dance salsa on 2. Salsa music genre originated here in the 40s, coming from the Latin music brought by Caribbean immigrants.



You will love this country for its people,  very kind and humble, always ready to help. Guatemalans will make you feel at home.

And they will dance with you all night, because in this other Latin American country they also love to dance salsa. You will find numerous bars with live music, with small spaces to dance, but always ready to push away the tables and make some room.



An incredible city for its historical and political past, which has nothing to do with the time of the Fall of the Wall, back in 1989. Berliners have made an effort to make their city an example of social progress. Berlin is a modern city with a great nightlife, where there is also room for dancing. Berlin salsa events will amaze you, the Germans are also good at salsa, and we will take you to the best parties of the chosen weekend.


  1. ROME

And the salsa movement has also come to Italy, and to the surprise many people, almost more than in Spain, because not all European cities have a salsa session with 7 dance halls, so you can dance all styles. In addition, Rome is one of those destinations that you have to visit at least once in your life. With impressive architecture, it is like walking around an open-air museum, a city that certainly will not leave you indifferent.

In addition, you can enjoy the best Italian food, because we will take you to the best places, so you will not only try pasta and pizza, but much more  from this gastronomy.



For us it may not be a trip, because we live here, and that is precisely why we can take you to the best places, because we all know them.

In our city, there is also a large public of salsa, and we have for all styles, there are evenings of Cuban salsa and salsa online, and even local with the two rooms, so you can practice what you like.

In addition, Barcelona is a city that falls in love because it is unique. Do not worry about anything; we will take care of teaching you all its charms, the known ones and the most secrets too.

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