12+1 Destinos para viajar. 12+1 Travel Destinations

12 + 1 Destinations to travel and dance in 2018

  1. New York

Traveling to the city that never sleeps offers us infinite possibilities to feed our most dancing side, you can find salsa, swing, modern dance, bachata, belly dance, tango, tap …

Go ahead and relax for a few days in the Big Apple, not only to explore its streets but also to awaken your dancing side. Here are some tips for when you go.


  1. Cuba

The cradle of salsa, the paradise of the Caribbean and the star destination for all those who love salsa dancing. What do Cubans and Cubans have that makes us enjoy salsa so much? That joy with which they enjoy life is contagious when you share moments with them. Cuba is amazing and not only has fascinating beaches, but also wonderful people and people. Here are some tips for when you go to Cuba and our favorite places to go dancing in Havana.


  1. Jordan

We love this destination, it surprises you at every step and it will not leave you indifferent! Known mainly for the jewel of Petra and the Dead Sea, it offers other magical places like the desert, where you can enjoy a night under the stars with a typical Bedouin dinner. And of course, practice belly dancing with incredible teachers and firsthand!


  1. Dominican Republic

Now that bachata is so fashionable, discovering the Dominican Republic without going all-inclusive is one of the best experiences we have had. We will not deny that swimming in its crystal-clear waters and sunbathing is the best thing to unwind and enjoy the holidays. But getting lost in their villages, talking with their people, enjoying their food and everything to the rhythm of bachata enriches anyone who travels to this country. The bachata will be the soundtrack of this trip, on the street, in the classes and to practice at night and laugh a lot!


  1. Cape Verde

A small great African country formed by several islands with beaches and beautiful waters. African rhythms have something that makes you unable to stop dancing. One of the dances that is coming strongly to Spain and that is danced in Cape Verde is the Kizomba. What better plan for a vacation than to dance kizomba and enjoy paradise!


  1. Berlin

One of the European capitals that has more recent history for its streets. The line on the ground that runs through it, marking where the Berlin Wall stood until 1989, makes us aware of what we do not want to happen again. And as a cosmopolitan city, we find a very pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the night with a good dinner and dancing to the rhythm of salsa, bachata and kizomba!

Do not miss visiting Berlin and take the opportunity to visit one of our favorite places to dance!


  1. London

The city of red buses, one of the most famous watches in the world dances to the rhythm of SBK and Swing among many others. If you still do not know London, we encourage you to let yourself be surprised by this city and its magnificent neighborhoods like Candem Twon. And if what you want is to dance swing, we leave you here the swing history, so you know it before you go.


  1. India

A world apart, full of colors, smells and unique experiences. A country that only reaches you and makes you feel at home. Something that you cannot stop doing, is to walk through the gardens of the Taj Mahal and enjoy the sunrise there. We have our hearts stolen from India, and when we do not enjoy Yoga we enjoy Bollywood, so, without a doubt, we never get tired of going!


  1. Marrakech

The red city of Morocco offers us a medina full of life both day and night. A souk where we can find everything, and above all we can find a new outfit for our belly dance classes.


  1. Spain: Barcelona, ​​Seville, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife.

If you do not want to go far this holiday, do not hesitate, in our country we have fantastic places. Seville and its flamenco art and its charming neighborhood of Triana. In Madrid you can enjoy SBK nights and discover the Madrid of the Austrias or stroll through the Retiro. Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, bathed by the Mediterranean offer you beautiful beaches and places to enjoy the rhythm of SBK. And of course, Tenerife. In this island everything is lived to Caribbean rhythm, with warmth and sun all year, and a lot of movement of hips to the rhythm of salsa, bachata and kizomba!


  1. Rome

The city of love, the city full of remains of what was a great empire and the city that has inspired many novels. And Rome has a lot to offer to those who visit it. No doubt our favorite corner, the Colosseum, yes, always with a guide who tells you the story and get to transport you to the time of the gladiators. And at night, what better plan than to take our side dancing to the rhythm of salsa, here we leave you the best places to go dancing!


  1. Puerto Rico

Our heart this year is more than ever in Puerto Rico, not only to dance salsa, but because with our trips we will help the local population get income to recover the country after the disastrous for Hurricane Irma. It is still a beautiful place in the world and full of rhythm. So do not think about it anymore, and help the Caribbean!


  1. Argentina

Undoubtedly, this country is the birthplace of Tango, and traveling to Argentina is well worth enjoying one or several classes of this fantastic dance. But Argentina offers us so much at a landscape level that we would spend a long time, to see the Iguazu Falls, the Perito Moreno, Ushuaia, the Calafate and for the more adventurous, make a cruise through the Austral Sea and step on corners like Wulaia Bay, without doubt one of my favorite places in the world.


We hope you enjoy this 2018 traveling and dancing around the world! And we encourage you that your trips only leave a positive mark in each of the places you visit!

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