10 travel practical packing tips


Many times you are preparing the luggage and you do not know what to take, or you want to carry everything, then you just have to remember that in your last vacation you did not use half of the things that you put in the suitcase.
There are some things you can keep in mind so that your luggage does not become so heavy, especially if you are going to doing a route and you have to take several types of transportation. In this case it is always more convenient to travel with a backpack than with a suitcase, but that will have to be decided when you choose the destination and the type of trip you want to do. Your luggage will depend a lot on this.


0. Organization

First of all, analyze where are you going and what activities you are going to do. It is not the same  a mountain trip that a beach one, traveling in summer than in winter, but there are tips that are … a bit for everything.


1. The rolling method

That had always been my great trick, the rolling method, now I see that many people use it, and it is that for me it is the most effective, wrap your clothes, do not wrinkle (if you do it with care) and it will take half space .
You can also take advantage of the gaps to get stuff. Your suitcase will look like Mary Poppins’s bag, because you will take many more things than it seems.
NO to cross tutorial videos, unless you go to a vacation where you will not move from the same accommodation for at least a week. Other wise you will go crazy, whenever you want to find something, and the worst, you will have to do and undo the suitcase every time you move, in summary, impractical.


2. Take a small toiletries bag.

Normally most people are lost here.
-Don’t take one liter shampoo bottle!
-Utilizes small bottle for your shampoo, gel or even for sun cream. For two reasons:
* If you intend to carry hand luggage, the maximum is 100ml per bottle, due to the restrictions on liquids.
* You will save space
* No drama: if it’s over, you can buy more there.
– Girls: Take only the essential make-up, the one you use normally, not all you have.


3. Be carefull with footwear

Keep in mind that footwear is usually what weighs the most. It is clear that it will always depend on the destination you choose, but the ideal is to wear a closed shoe and another open type sandal. A neutral color that matchs with everything, and do not go crazy, you’re on vacation.


4. If you doubt, do not take it.

Once preparing the backpack to make the Camino de Santiago a friend gave me a great advice, and I still use it, he said “put all the clothes you want to wear on top of the bed, and when you have it all, take only the half”
And it’s true, we always carry more things, just in case. Let’s see, in the destination you go, no matter where it is, sure they have soap and water if you have to wash something, in the worst case.
And if you’re not sure whether to wear it, then, don’t take it, most probably  you’re not going to wear it.


5. Get ready for the destination

If your destination is a hot place, mosquitoes can be your travel companions. The best option is to buy an anti-mosquito spray or cream when you arrive at the destination because these bugs are very specials, and maybe with your anti-mosquito spray from here, local mosquitoes laugh at you.
Anti-mosquito bracelets: They say they are not the most effective, but I had use it and they worked. As if one day you forget to put on the repellent, if you put it on your ankle as a bracelet, it will not bother you and save you of some sting, better than nothing for sure.
If you go to the snow, to the desert or to throw your day in the sun, do not forget the protective cream. There is nothing worse than burning the first day of vacation.


6. Jacket / socks 

It does not matter if you go to the Caribbean or Africa, there are many places where the temperature at night surprises us. And on planes, it’s always cold. So even if the weatherman tells you that there will be 45 degrees in the shade, if you do not go in your car or you walk. For trains, buses or planes it is always advisable to bring a jacket.
My advice on this topic is: take some socks in hand luggage. So if you go in sandals and you get cold, socks and sleep. And for long flights you will also appreciate it, before they use to be gave them on the plane, probably for a reason.


7. Magic towels

-Magic light towels: What a great invention! I agree that they are not the best to dry, but they weigh and occupy little, so they are the ideal item for your luggage.
– Pareo instead of a towel: The beach towels are no longer worn, they occupy a lot, weigh and fill with sand. Try to take a pareo, or a beach cloth that occupies much less, if the destination requires clear. Also, it will serve as a blanket on the plane, it match with the socks of the handbag!


8. Small first aid kit

Do not forget to prepare a mini emergency pharmacy, like paracetamol, fortasec, antacid, some antibiotic just in case, plasters and what you normally use.
Girls: Incredibly, there are countries where they do not sell tampons, so whether or not you have your menstruation planned for the holidays, take your menstrual cup or tampons just in case, or you’ll have to put on a kind of diaper in some places.
Recommended to take it in the hand luggage if you plan to check the suitcase.


9. Dancers: jazz shoes

If you are one of those who likes to take classes in your vacations, and you dance about everything, but you are not sure, when in doubt, take some basic jazz shoes, which will solve the situation if you feel like taking dance classes on the destination, one might say, of almost any style.
If you come to one of our trips, we will advise you before you go if you need special shoes for the classes.


10. Do not fill it

Remember to leave some space in the suitcase, do not fill it until nothing else comes in, always leave a space. You go to a new place, and you will probably end up buying a souvenir, it does not matter if you are the one who collects magnets for the fridge or you like to renew the wardrobe, you will need a place for your purchases.


Note: If you follow these tips you should be able to travel only with hand luggage. I always travel with my backpack of 40 liters, it does not matter if I go two days or two months.

But,  if you travel for a long period of time or just like to wear a outfit for each day, if you are going to check your suitcase, do not forget to bring the essentials in your carry-on luggage, like spare clothes, pareo blancket and socks!

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