10 reasons to travel with TravelToDance

1 . Learn to dance
If you feel like learning to dance, but in your day to day you do not have time to join classes, this is your chance.
Choose a destination, a dance style and come to one of our trips to discover this world, surely you will have a great time.


2. Improve your dance style
If you already dance and you love it, then take the opportunity to travel with us and improve your style. We will have classes for all levels, so you can improve your technique and learn new things from different teachers.


3. Try new styles
It’s always good to try new things, and probably in your daily routine you no longer have time for anything else. Enter our website to discover our destinations and dance styles and cheer up with something new. Surely you will be surprised!


4. Meet people
You can join the trips on your own or with friends, because we will travel in groups during our dance trip and we will share our passion with people like you. It is already known that traveling is a good way to meet lots of people, and some will be friends for life. We met on a trip, and look what we’re rolling!


5. Visit incredible places
We’re not just going to dance. We will take advantage of our trips to visit the best places that each destination offers us. Mountain walks, caves, paradisiac beaches, waterfalls, whatever it is that must be seen, we will take you there.


7. Relax and enjoy
Do not worry about anything, we take care of everything. You just have to choose the destination and the type of dance, and we take you to visit the best places, so you do not miss anything. We will make sure that we go to the best party every day. And we will have all your dance classes organized, so you can rest, relax and worry about just enjoying your trip.


6. Discover other cultures
The simple fact of learning the typical dance of a place, which we like so much, connects directly with the culture of that place. We will look for local teachers for our classes, and if we go out at night to dance, we will take you to places where people go there, avoiding, as far as possible, typical tourist bars. Because the good thing about traveling is not just seeing, but above all, knowing.


8. Travel at your own rhythm
Even if we have a marked itinerary, if you can think of something that you want to do, we’ll talk in a group, who knows, maybe it’s a great idea and everyone is encouraged to participate. Do not stay with the desire to do something, that the trip will do between everyone.


9. Surprise factor
Some places surprise by themselves, others by their people and others by the experiences that you live. So, we hope to surprise you! We love to discover new things, after so many trips, so we always look for that different touch.


10. Before you return, you’ll already be thinking about what your next TravelToDance trip will be.
Let’s hope you get hooked on travel and dancing as much as we do, and have a great time, so that you can came again and dance in lots of places.

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