10 razones para hacer un viaje kizombero a Cabo Verde

10 reasons to do a kizomba trip to Cape Verde

If you love Kizomba or simply its rhythm is hooking you, and you are also looking for a destination for this vacation, don’t look further … this is your trip!!!

Cabo Verde is a perfect destination to enjoy paradisiacal beaches, good weather , good gastronomy, culture, music and a lot of dancing.

We have chosen the island of Sao Vicente, because for us it is the one that has the kizomba essence, and we want you to enjoy a very authentic experience.

Do you want to know the reasons? Here you have them:


1. Paradisiacal beaches just for you

Cabo Verde is a tourist destination, but luckily, it is still far from the tourist crowds where you have to fight to put the umbrella. You can enjoy virgin and solitary landscapes just for you, something that is appreciated in these days.


2. Tropical hiking

All the islands are particular, if what you like is to put on your trekking shoes and lose yourself in incredible landscapes, your island is Sao Antonio. From Mindelo, where we stayed, there are daily boats that take you to the neighboring island to enjoy tropical trails.


3. Anti-stress cure

The best place to disconnect from the routine. We already know that dancing is the best medicine to cure stress, and if you have the chance to practice it in a paradisiacal and peaceful place like Cabo Verde, it is the perfect therapy.


4. Meet people dancing kizomba

In addition to the travelers that join the group, in Mindelo we are lucky that our local teachers have regular classes, and we will be invited to participate in some of these classes, so you will have the opportunity to meet many local people, who will tell you how is to live and dance on that side of the world.


5. Party place

Mindelo is well known as the most cheerful city of the whole archipelago, and that on weekends the party lasts until dawn.


6. Enjoy music

Cabo Verde stands out internationally for its music. The influence of different populations that settled throughout history in this country creates a great variety of musical forms with very interesting mixes from traditional Portuguese, African, French Antillean and even Brazilian music.


7. TravelToEat

Because to be able to dance so much we have to regain strength, we have to confess our weakness for the Cape Verdean food, an explosion of flavors heritage of the Portuguese cuisine, that we will take you to taste in the best restaurants of local food.


8. African essence

The kizomba has its roots in the African continent, its origin is in Angola, and comes from another dance called Semba, which means party. In addition, the geographical location of the Cape Verde archipelago off the coast of Senegal makes it feel its African essence.


9. And Creole miscegenation

The Portuguese influence is felt in the Cape Verdean culture, they left their mark in this wonderful country and not only in the food, but also in folklore and handicrafts.


10. Live, dance, travel

Because life has to be enjoyed doing what you like, and because a trip a year it’s mandatory for healthy reassons … and if there is more better. Travel and change your routine for even a few days, it is very healthy, and if it can be dancing even better.

We hope that these 10 reasons to do a kizomba trip to Cape Verde will encourage you to come, see you soon!!!

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